Faculty and administration leaders have agreed to hire 35 full-time faculty members by September 2015, resolving a dispute between the two groups about the school’s personnel needs.

Academic Senate President Eduardo Cairó and Interim President Robert Miller compromised on the new hires during the meeting of the Council on Academic and Professional Matters (CAPM) Tuesday.

“I am very pleased with this outcome which greatly benefits students and the communities our college serves,” said Miller in a statement. “The hiring of these faculty is indicative of the growth the college has experienced over the last two years and the anticipated growth in the next few years.”

Cairó said he agreed with Miller’s statement.

Academic Senate Vice President Kris Pilon took a more cautious tone when asked if she was happy with the figure in an emailed question.

“While 35 is a large number, and will certainly take a lot of work to fill these positions, it is really not sufficient to keep pace with our need and with the college’s goals of excellence,” she wrote in reply. “I hope it will herald a number of years of this kind of support for the benefit of the students at PCC.”

Associate Vice President of Student Services Cynthia Olivo called the agreement a good example of effective cooperation between faculty and administration.

“The figure is helpful to our students and college overall,” she wrote in an email. “These 35 new faculty members will help address student equity needs and help in achieving student success.”

The dispute over the figure began weeks ago at an earlier CAPM meeting, when Miller estimated that state full-time faculty obligation number (FFON) would mandate five to 10 new hires, prompting Cairó to express his displeasure at the school focusing on satisfying minimum requirements.

Miller soon acknowledged that the initial estimate was made with incomplete data, and revised his figure to between 11 and 24.

Cairó previously told the Senate that he wanted 53 new hires, before reducing his request to 41 at a recent Board of Trustees meeting.

A source familiar with the process said that the agreed upon figure would put the full-time faculty number well above the current FFON.


2 Replies to “Admin, Senate agree on hiring number”

  1. And dont forget the 30+ doing adminstrativd duties mow instead of being in the classroom teaching. If you add up all the reassigned time of the faculty doing that , it equals 30 or so full time teachibf loads/teachers. The senate reassigned time committee should be able to tell us more.

  2. 1) Replace those faulty who retiremed, quit in frustration, or left the teaching profession to do full or partial admin work.
    2) Replace as well every single one who retires this summer.
    3) Grow the Faculty, Counselors, Librarians back to up the pre-Rocha levels.
    Was it Admin’s fear of faculty that led to this mess?
    Although stalling in hiring teachers means fewer of those scary faculty to contend with, it did damage that whole “Learning” thing that colleges sometimes do.

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