Students who enroll in English 135 or 35 will be able to earn credit by going to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival from July 1 to 8.

For the past 33 years, the PCC English Division has been taking students to attend to the festival in Ashland, Oregon, said Dr. Krista L. Walter, English associate professor.

English associate professor Walter and Languages associate professor Steve Pell will be going to Oregon with the students.

“Students will attend eight plays all performed by 500 member theater company called the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. The plays are performed in three different theaters, one modeled after an outdoor Elizabethan theater,” said Walter.

The cost of the trip is $885 to $1095 depending on the accommodations students want.

“There are two types of accommodations; shared rooms with two people to a room or single rooms for a slight additional cost. Many people go together with a friend and share the room, but we can put two people together,” said Pell.

Students are in charge of knowing how they will get to Oregon. “Students can fly or carpool. There are very reasonable flights on multiple airlines. Many people drive up for the experience of seeing Northern California and Oregon, but many also fly,” said Pell.

“In addition to the plays, students have free time to tour the area. Sometimes people opt for a whitewater rafting trip on Oregon’s Rogue River, or a drive out to Crater Lake. Others stay in town and enjoy lovely culinary offering, bookstores, shops and the like,” said Walter.

In case you’re interested in going to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, there will be an orientation meeting on Friday, May 17 from 11a.m to 1p.m in C245.

Financial Aid is also available for students who would like to attend the trip.

If you would like more information, contact Krista L Walter at or call the PCC English division at (626) 585-3270. You can also visit the website

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