Professor Loknath Persaud has been teaching the Spanish language full-time for 31 years, 21 years which have been here at PCC and “still more to come,” he says.Persaud earned his bachelor’s degree in Spanish linguistics from the University of London in Jamaica, which he attended from 1968-1971.

Once he graduated from the university he got a scholarship for graduate work.

Persaud then attended school in New York to get his doctorate.

What he liked about college: “Teachers were good role models, and that’s something I think we need here,” he said.

Any activities: Persaud was involved in a few activities like the debate team, Spanish club and he even played cricket. “I was pretty good in school but I would’ve like to be involved in many more school activities,” he said.

“When I retire I want to go back to school and study more about science.”

Advice to current students: “Students need more confidence in their academic ability. They tend to hold back when they can excel if they just put their mind to it.”

Persaud said that college students spend too much money and time on material things, but if they focus on their education, economically in the long run they will be earning more and getting better things.

“It’s not a question of intelligence, it’s how much you really focus.”

Student opinion: “He is a great teacher, really cares and tries to get involved as much to try and help you succeed,” says former student Viresk Sang.

“I was just taking the class as a requirement but just by the way he tries to help us out makes you want to keep going.

Spanish language professor Loknath Persaud sees education as a lifelong process and wants to return to school after he retires. (Art Lemus)

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