Members of the Associated Students expressed concerns and optimism this week about PCC’s upcoming accreditation process scheduled for 2015.

To help inform members of the Associated Students, Stephanie Fleming and Matt Jordon, planning and priority committee, made an accreditation presentation during an AS meeting this Wednesday.

Miranda Alvarado, associate students vice-president for student services, praised the committee for reaching out to the AS and for trying to be transparent ahead of a visit from the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior College in the spring of 2015. But she did have some accreditation concerns.

“I would say my main concern is the major changes at PCC which may affect our accreditation negatively, such as switching to the Canvas system, cutting staff and students feeling they aren’t being reached out to,” Alvarado said. “Transparency and communicating better with our students is key.”

The presentation focused on trying to learn from past mistakes. Fleming said, “We are focusing on past recommendations from the ACCJC previous three cycles such as integrated planning and governance collegiality campus climate among other recommendations,” she said.

Associated Student President Jordyn Orozco expressed a solution that he says may help with reaching out to students.

“Appointing a panel that may help address and investigate student communication issues will be a good start,” said Orozco. “We [AS] are also trying to help with the communication problems by making ourselves accessible to students.”



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  1. these “communication problems” have nothing to do with the students or the faculty. there is no way that accreditation will be able to point the finger at students or faculty. it’s the administration that has the communication problems, and the PCC Board of Trustees are ultimately the ones responsible if PCC loses accreditation.

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