A screenshot image of the club rush page on the PCC website

This semester, Pasadena City College is hosting their first-ever virtual Club Rush. Due to the pandemic, Club Rush is different this year, and with just one-click students can join a club.

Visiting the online Club Rush, found on PCC’s website, students will find videos of clubs, separated by different categories. The club leaders introduce themselves, and there is easy access to joining and contacting them. It’s very different from the usual scene of tables spread throughout PCC’s campus, and a lot of work went into launching this new endeavor.

“A lot of other schools have this same kind of club rush thing, so a lot of campuses just posted links to social media for the clubs, others provided a spreadsheet,” Christopher Theung, Vice-President of the Associated Students said. “I personally wanted something more interactive.”

There were some technical difficulties in getting the videos ready for Club Rush, but ultimately Theung did his best to make things easier for the club leaders.

Bethany Andoko, president of the Psychology club, explained that there was some trouble with recording her video with Theung, but that he worked with her and other leaders to get it ready in time.

“He was amazing, during that one experience, he was really great,” Andoko said.

Some clubs have found that there are several advantages to being online, including it being easier to work on their social media presences, as well as getting people to join.

“I do see an increase in club members compared to last year,” Enqian Zheng, president of the Math Success Club said. “Last year, people had to come here, write down their information, and other stuff, so that’s more complicated than just going online and clicking join.”

Clubs will not have any kind of service hour requirements this year, which is a disappointment to some clubs, but is ultimately for the health of the students.

“For the safety of our students, with everything going on right now, it’s not a reasonable expectation,” Theung said.

Not every club was able to participate in the virtual club rush, due to not being active over summer, but a complete list of PCC’s clubs can be found on the bottom of the club rush page.

Being online is difficult for everyone this semester, but Theung encourages anyone to reach out to him with questions.

For students who may not have access to WiFi, or a device that connects to the internet, ITS is currently loaning out devices. There is also access to free WiFi in student parking lot 3. More information on that can be found on the website.

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