This semester, members of the English Departments and Board Directors of the college implemented new strategies that would expand the assistance already provided by the Writing Center.

These new changes include extended hours and another location in the D-Building that will provide assistance to ESL students [English as a Second Language] along with the same services that are provided in the original Center.

A new addition the center has introduced this semester, which goes beyond support in English courses, is that the center now provides writing assistance to students who need help in other subjects such as history, philosophy, science and business. The tutors will also help in non-related subjects as well such as writing emails to professors and applications to four-year universities if requested.

“If we can support more students in their writing across the board, I think that was something the school really wanted to take on,” first semester tutor, Justin Oost, stated. “We can help students from failing or getting a grade they’re unhappy with.”

A pilot program that the center is testing this semester is the addition of tutors as teacher assistants in the classroom. Across a wide range of courses that include business, history, science and philosophy, tutors will get a first hand view of what professors expect from students as they are assigned essays and can help students who need assistance in getting started or getting feedback on their work. The center has also had a minor renovation from being crammed with computers to now having tables and more space for students to relax, get their work done or receive help from tutors.

“We have a lot of students who come in not necessarily for tutoring, but just to work on their assignments,” second semester tutor Xavier Beck shared. “But often times that will lead to little questions here and there and it’s great to be able to help out when someone has a question.”

Students have already shown interest in how these new additions can greatly benefit those who are struggling in classes or are unable to attend in the middle of the day due to their difficult work and or personal schedules.

“I think it’s a really helpful thing for a lot of students,” third year student Mohammad Lashkarizadeh said. “If I have a job and I can not be here from certain hours, I can have those extra hours planned out ahead of time.”

The Writing Center in the C-building is located in C345 and is open from Monday to Thursday from 7am to 8:45 pm and 7am to 5pm on Fridays. The Writing Center in the D-building is located in D306 and is open from Monday to Thursday from 9am to 6pm and 9am to 2pm on Fridays.


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