Due to the cancellation of PCC’s Spring Sports season by the South Coast Conference CEO’s, student-athletes have dropped their classes as well as the athletic program, leaving enrollment numbers to waiver.

“An unfortunate consequence of the COVID-19 crisis directly affecting athletes is that a number of student-athletes have left our sports teams,” said Robert Lewis, PCC sports information specialist.

According to Lewis, it is estimated that around 40 percent of the athletes enrolled in PCC have exited the athletic programs as well as dropped their classes at PCC. Lewis also said that athletic contests are postponed until August, which is the start of the 2021-2022 sports season. Leaving the contests down for an unprecedented amount of time.

Of the student-athletes who have decided to remain in the athletic program, they face the dilemma of how to keep training as well as issues with how to transfer to a University sports program.

“Without races, the colleges that I am talking to for recruitment, it’s harder for them to see my time,” said Olivia Ruiz, PCC student track athlete.

Dr. Erika Endrijonas, the superintendent and president of PCC said that coaches work with their athletes through synchronous training and competition. Although, many student athletes have had to find new ways to continue to train.

“I was practicing at a local high school but since they’re starting up their practice, I’m not allowed on there anymore,” said Ruiz.

Ruiz said that if PCC would open the track at limited capacity it would give her an opportunity to train and track her timed trials for transferring to university. She also said that some schools are not requiring her timed trials but the more competitive universities are requesting one.

Veering away from the decision made at the SCC’s conference, Mt. San Antonio College has decided to allow non contact sports to resume.

“With the LA County Public Health giving permission for non contact sports training and limited completions due to greatly improved virus contagion, those student athletes can continue their education in Kinesiology and continue developing skills in their sport,” said Dr William Scroggins, president and CEO of Mount SAC.

Dr. Scroggins said that he felt that following the strict guidelines for non contact athletics, that they can resume safely and successfully.

Since the news of the spring session’s cancellation, the LA Times published that the Los Angeles Unified School District announced that interscholastic competition will resume. Dr. Endrijonas confirms that PCC’s intercollegiate season of competition will still remain cancelled.

“This was not an easy or simple decision, and I looked at it from many different angles. Whether K-12 was planning to compete was not one of the factors I considered,” said Dr. Endrijonas.

PCC currently has a Re-Opening Taskforce that will address plans to gradually reopen the campus and address the athletic programs as well, as stated by Dr. Endrijonas.

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