Every first Sunday of the month the PCC Flea Markets are open. Community members and frequent consumers visit the local flea market to find some goods and sometimes end up buying more than they intended, as was the norm back in 2019. It was customary to hang out with friends and family, eat, and not worry about wearing a mask, a pandemic, and relax on a beautiful Sunday morning.

The PCC Flea market was a hit in the community, with thousands of people coming in to check out the vendors, food, and music every weekend. In May of 2020, in the midst of the early chaos of the pandemic, the PCC Flea Market Instagram page caption stated “Friendly reminder to please stay home and be safe”. With the actual photo stating, “FLEA MARKET CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.”

“COVID is why we closed initially.” Lindsey Reed said, PCC Flea market coordinator.

While flea markets are back around Los Angeles, with the Silverlake Flea market open every Saturday and Sunday since the July of 2021 and the Los Feliz Flea Market in Marshall High School. PCC has delayed their opening multiple times.

“We were delayed for our re-opening because the market was on a physical move, we used to occupy 4 different lots around campus,” Reed said. “Lot 3 which is on Hill and Del Mar. And the other lots on the other side of campus, which is Lots 5, Lot 6, and Lot 7.”

The main issue at hand is the areas in Lot 5, Lot 6, and Lot 7 are the same area as the U-Building. The U-Building is currently being demolished.

“We needed time to figure out the logistics of the move and make sure we have enough room for our vendors,” Reed said.

There were complications that delayed the reopening of the Flea market, with issues of relocating the booths, making sure the parking lots are clean, and re-painting the parking lot to allocate each booth.

The flea market plans to reopen on December 5th and will be open every first Sunday of the month. The PCC flea market will take a break in the first week of January to accommodate the Rose Parade and the activities following that event. Once the Rose Parade events are completed, the flea market will continue to open every first Sunday of the month throughout the year of 2022.

Flea markets bring the community together, no matter what you do for a living, or where you came from. One of the perks of visiting a flea market is just to enjoy the environment around you and enjoy the company of like minded people in a place that’s free to attend.

“Not only is it a community for people, for our vendors and it’s a huge staple for our community,” Reed said.

All vendors will be required to wear mask, but since the vendors are not employed by PCC, they will not be required to be vaccinated even though it’s highly encouraged. In addition, mask will not be required by attendees, but it also highly recommended. The PCC Flea Market recommend and encourage social distancing.

The PCC Flea Market is open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. every first Sunday of the month.

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