PCC is canceling all face-to-face classes scheduled to take place this Monday and Tuesday, March 16 and 17, to allow faculty to have adequate time to fully transition to remote instruction, according to an email from Alex Boekelheide, special assistant to the superintendent/president, on Thursday night.

“It is our expectation that every possible course will meet through remote methodologies beginning Wednesday, March 18,” said Boekelheide.

All face-to-face classes that cannot meet online will resume on March 18.

Campus officials announced last week that they intend to fully switch to online instruction by March 18 to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The campus was closed Thursday for a professional development day, during which there was a training seminar for faculty to learn how to teach online courses in preparation for the switch.

“We were pleased with the progress we made today,” Boekelheide said. “The action we took tonight was to ensure that as many classes that can be switched to remote instruction are ready to go by Wednesday.”

In order to move to online instruction as quickly as possible, PCC is not requiring certification for programs such as Canvas, which professors will use to teach online.

“Normally you have to be certified in order to teach online,” said Superintendent/President Erika Endrijonas. “We are bypassing that certification and kind of doing an all hands on deck approach. We will have a help desk, we will have an opportunity for faculty to ask questions.”

The college is still open for business and will function as normal despite the canceled classes.

All sports games and practices are also suspended as a precaution against COVID-19 until further notice.

For more information on what PCC is doing during the pandemic and to ask questions, see here.

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