It has been a long time since we have seen college athletes back on the fields, the courts, the track, the pool etc. Due to COVID 19, sports have been on a long hold over the past year and athletes and their fans have been waiting to get back into action. As life gets back to normal and these athletes return to doing what they do best, all is looking good for the Lancers. It’s time to get back to the long practices, the overwhelming ice baths, and the late night study halls. It’s time once again for these lancers to go toe to toe for 90 minutes.

As the season dawns for women’s soccer this year, there is a lot to be excited about after months away from the field.. Newly promoted coach Terryn Soelberg will be calling the shots this year for the lancers and is up for the challenge. She was a former assistant coach at Santa Ana College and also coached at University High School.

“I’m most looking forward to having a season this year,” Soelberg said. “Most of these girls have waited a year to compete and are ready to get back to playing games and growing together as a program.”

Although this is the first time in a while that sports are being held,for the most part things have been going smoothly for this team.

“Currently there aren’t any drastic changes for this upcoming season. Right now we are training Monday through Thursday on campus. Being back in person has been extremely beneficial for us as a team. Our first few weeks of training we focused solely on fitness and conditioning, but now we get to do some sport specific training,” Soelberg says.

Soelberg also states that it is really exciting news for the team seeing them getting back to their old ways. Now Soelberg isn’t the only one ready to get things jumping. Midfielder Priscilla Lucero who is a second year student here at PCC is really looking for that inspiring season before she sets off beyond this Lancer team.

“This season means a lot to me for many reasons,” Lucero said. “Mainly because I have been working on myself since the pandemic began to get in the best shape I can for soccer. Soccer is probably my biggest passion and having the chance to play it is a blessing. It is my last season at PCC and if it’s my last time ever playing soccer at the highest level then I want it to be my best.”

Lucero also gave her perspective on how practice was going and whether or not it would be a challenge coming back and being ready for the season.

“Practice has been going better than I imagined. Although training can be tough sometimes, we give it our best everyday and with time I’m sure we will see our progress as a whole. Our coach did an amazing job having us practice soccer drills on our own so when we came back it wasn’t as tough.” Lucero said.

This is a really big year for the Lancers, their newly promoted head coach and all the girls who have been waiting for this moment to step back on the field.

The last season they had this lancer team had a record of 7-9-5 with a team high that year in 60 goals and finished 5th in the conference. These girls are ready to get back to action and a much needed season.

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