Pasadena City College (PCC) continues to neglect transparency and student safety in favor of affordable food.

Although PCC is not known for their quality food options, they are known to value their good reputation and a meal vendor that provides affordable food with the highest return while ignoring clarity and student security.

Last semester, the Courier published articles about the vice president of I-8 Food Services, Tychicus Yu, regarding his record as a convicted sex offender and his more recent 2011-2012 allegations of misconduct with past PCC student, Hanna Israel.

Dr. Richard Storti, vice president and assistant superintendent of PCC, oversees the contract between I-8 Food Services and knew of Yu’s convictions when beginning the contract.

“I know the college was aware of his background, but again, he’s an employee of I-8 and the arrangement was that he doesn’t have contact with our students, or he’s really not present on the college,” said Storti.

Although Yu has been requested to remain off campus, this arrangement was only put into effect after Yu received allegations of misconduct from Israel, who was student trustee at the time. According to Storti, Yu no longer has a presence on the PCC campus unless it is in an administrative capacity.

PCC claims to be concerned with student safety, but continues to renew the contract with I-8 Food Services even after Yu’s newest allegations. I-8 Food Services has served PCC for many years, the most recent contract commenced July 1, 2017, and continues until June 30, 2020. At the end of the current contract, PCC will have the option of renewing the contract or accepting proposals from other food vendors.

“I think the fair statement is that, with similar contracts, at the end of the contract, we do ask for proposals to look at what our options are, to keep it competitive,” stated Storti.

Although the contract with I-8 has been renewed multiple times, PCC will only consider swapping food vendors if it enables them to achieve the highest return for their dollar.

“At the end of the day we want to have a safe environment for students, and I believe we have that, but we also want to have the best food, the most affordable food, the highest quality food product for our students and the campus community,” said Storti.

Although Academic Senate President Lynora Rogacs was hesitant to comment on the situation, she stated that she supported the decision to ask Yu to refrain from coming onto campus.

“I support the decision that enables faculty, staff, and students to feel safe in an educational environment,” Rogacs said.

A safe environment for students should hold importance over “quality food” and rehabilitation ends when one is a continuing offender. Considering Israel’s recent allegations, Yu has proved himself to be a continuous threat to students on campus.

As stated under the Clery Act, students have the right to know if their safety is being infringed upon. If a convicted sex offender has been contracted to work alongside students on campus, PCC is required and most certainly should inform students in a timely manner of any criminal activity or threats to students’ safety. PCC failed students by not informing them of Ty Yu and should be more than willing to reach out to the Courier in an attempt to be transparent about the situation.

The Courier reached out to Ty Yu for comments, but have yet to receive a response.

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