Will Mauritz/Courier Orchestra playing Gerswin for Summer Sounds in Pasadena.
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Artistic Director Rachael Worby led the MUSE/IQUE orchestra on Saturday night to perform the final instalment of the Summer of Sound Series at California Institute of Technology.

The MUSE/IQUE program originated from the words muse and unique and focuses on creating new musical experiences. CalTech and the MUSE/IQUE program joined in union over the summer to recreate some of the masterpieces of the American composer George Gershwin in a three-part series titled Summer of Sound.

“Perfect/Union,” the first installment held on July 16, focused on the idea of “pairs” and their significance in music. The second installment held Aug. 20, “American/Rhapsody,” focused on melding the genres of classical, jazz, ballet, and Gershwin’s music and the music of others that he influenced. The third installment of the series held Sept. 10, “Summer/Time,” focused on recreating the tragic yet beautiful American Opera “Porgy and Bess.”

Each of the three of the Summer of Sound installments shared the musical inspiration of American composer Gershwin and his love for blues, jazz, spirituals, and gospel with help of Rachel Worby and the MUSE/IQUE orchestra.

The original Porgy and Bess jazz opera is about the love story and heartbreak of Porgy and Bess. In the third installment of summer or sound where the jazz opera was recreated by Rachael Worby with the help of MUSE/IQUE orchestra to demonstrate the story of Porgy and Bess. Since the show was so interactive and energetic, it was very easy to forget that it was about a tragic love story.

Dancers were also used to physically demonstrate the story of the two. There was a diverse mixture of old school moves and various modern types of dance moves that seemed almost impossible for an average person due to Porgy’s flexibility skills.

The show itself was very delightful and the audience was well entertained by the upbeat and very interactive music that was demonstrated throughout the show. There were many fans of Gershwin and his music at the event and they were very thrilled by the performance.

“I saw this show 50 years ago on Broadway and it was really great to be able to see it again,” said La Cañada resident John Burrows

Despite the Summer of Sound Series being over, there are still other musical event the will be held through the MUSE/IQUE program that can be found on on their website.

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