Wonder Woman is a breath of fresh air in a world of failing D.C. movies but still came up lacking with a boring plot, a few horrible performances and almost plagiarized action scenes.

The beginning of the movie is where most of the frustrating moments and details are because for the first thirty minutes you have to endure the horrible accent of the Amazonians that are with Wonder Woman (Diana) on their island of Themyscira.

I can only imagine that they allowed these voices in the movie was to sound more or less like Gal Gadot, the actress who plays Diana. It was also pretty sad that they wasted Robin Wright’s (House of Cards) time and talent as forced her to adopt that atrocity of an accent during her parts in the movie.

Another really dumb thing about the movie that they decided that Diana can speak English as well as a whole host of modern languages despite the fact that the Amazons have been secluded on their island for perhaps hundreds or thousands of years.

If you can manage to get past those details, you only have to suffer through fight scenes that you’ve clearly seen in other superhero movies.

This movie parallels a lot with the first Captain America movie and it’s clear with Diana’s frequent use a shield in a few of the fight scenes when she can be using her own unique weapons that she is famous for in the comics.

The movies continue to parallel the first Captain America movie in that both films villains happen to be a mad German generals with their evil scientist counterparts with the setting during a World War.

The movie does have some redeeming qualities. In the movie, unlike her comic book counterpart, Diana isn’t overly sexualized. Gadot’s performance as Diana is pretty solid and a great fit for the comic book character. She really brings out the strength and courage you’d expect to see from a comic book hero and brings it to life on the screen.

Chris Pine however, steals the spotlight many times in the film with his quick wit and humor that you’ve come to expect from him from other movies like the recent Star Trek franchise.

Overall, I would still recommend seeing the movie, even though I don’t think the movie deserves all of the hype it’s getting, it’s still a decent film. The movie isn’t tone deaf and pointless like Suicide Squad was, and at the very least it was far more enjoyable than Batman vs Superman. As stated before, this movie is a positive step forward from the last few D.C. movies and I’m pretty excited to see Wonder Woman again in the upcoming Justice League movie considering they might not screw it up.

3 stars

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