After a three year hiatus, Rock Band Wallows released their debut album “Nothing Happen” in 2019. The alternative trio is back with their sophomore album “Tell Me That It’s Over”. Wallows followed up the highly anticipated album with brand new singles and different experimental sounds.

With 10 songs, the new album gives Wallows the spirit to dive deeper into a different sound that they started from their first album. Without the two albums biting off each other. The band made a huge improvement from its freshman and sophomore album. Wallows follows the album with singles like “Especially You”, “I Don’t Want to Talk”, and “At the End of the Day”.

The album opens with ‘Hard To Believe’, a track that illustrates beautiful guitar vocals with a nice walk on a summer’s day. Soft guitar, clean vocals, and production follows a stomp beat style like Rock legends Nirvana where they topped their album with their first track. And this can argue that the first track can easily grow into a soundtrack coming of age to young listeners.


Stand out song and single “At the End of the Day” is a track with a 90’s pop sound, with catchy melodies and relaxed vocals. The track expresses that some things we love will end, including relationships or losing a loved one. The Wallows express through the album about dealing with love and loss. The track gives listeners hope that everything’s not lost for the future, while dealing with the past and fixing the wrongs. The Wallow did a great job with the track.

The best track of the album was “I Don’t want to Talk ” a track with an up-tempo beat with a bouncy effect similar to bands such as MGMT, The 1975, and Arctic Monkeys. Wallows makes an expression on “I Don’t Want to Talk” about being alone with yourself and finding yourself, without talking about your issues with anyone else.

The third single from Tell Me That It’s Over, “Especially You” is a track about being self-aware of yourself and some things leave for a reason, but at the end of the day you have your sanity. Wallows used the lyrics to better understand the song.

Overall, The Album was the most adventurous project, Tell Me That It’s Over gives Wallow potential to become one of the well known Alternative Rock bands of this generation.

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