Hailing all the way from Bedford, England are the new kings of pop-rock. Quartet Don Broco formed in 2008 and has been dishing out clean, fresh and funky ditties ever since. Their sophomore release “Automatic” is the definition of the perfect marriage between the pop and rock genres. This album is non-stop fun and perfect for a night out on the town. Playfully groovy and crisp, this album is high quality sound for high quality partying. 

Instrumentally, this album is jam-packed with talent and has high quality production from famous English songwriter and producer Jason Perry. There are layers of synths and soundboards as well as energetic riffs. The sound is sharp and leaves the listener wanting more. Tom Doyle gives this record the true funk on the bass and Simon Delaney gives it a punch of rock and roll on guitar.

Rob Damiani, the frontman for Don Broco, delivers vocals that are deep and sensual. 

This is paired with Matt Donnelly who is the drummer for the band. He shares lead vocals with Damiani as well as provided backing vocals. Donnelley’s vocals are much higher and a tad bit whiny. Together the two of them form the perfect blend of highs and lows. As all of the members met while studying music at Bedford Modern School, their talent and studies shine through this piece. 

Track number three “Automatic” is the central for the high end sound of this record. Using fly guitar melodies, upbeat bass and angelic harmonization, this number causes an instantaneous rush to the dance floor. Opening with a slow and steady beat, Damiani delivers his words fast and punchy. This build up leads to an explosion of a chorus filled with chants and harmonization, “Don’t you wanna be automatic?/Don’t you wanna live?/Don’t you wanna be automatic?/Don’t you wanna live?/”    

Lyrically this album is about the high life, parties and relationships. More often than not, Don Broco’s lyrics are boastful and show them as the cool-cat. “Get up for the money the power the fame/Get up for the money the power the feeling/We need it, need it/Breaking my bones every night and day/Breaking my bones don’t care what they say/I want, you want, we want more/” Lyrics from loud and large number eleven, “Money Power Fame” display the cockiness of Don Broco. This track is undeniably a brag about the fruits of their labor. Don Broco makes it clear that they eat success and glory every day. 

Don Broco have entered the scene and made a big name for themselves. Their fanbase is insanely loyal and follows odd traditions such as wearing cowboy hats to gigs and opening the pit for a wall of death whenever they play their single “Pretty.” Join in on the fun of the high life that is Don Broco’s “Automatic.” 

Favorite Tracks: “Superlove” and “Bad Feeling”

Recommended Track: “Automatic”

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