Foothill in Pasadena is a new age restaurant that serves up a bold menu full of great tastes and libations for everyone to enjoy.

Stepping into Foothill, you immediately notice the upscale atmosphere and are greeted by a friendly staff. Once seated at a beautiful large copper topped table with a nice carafe of water in the center, the happy hour menu and regular menu are placed in front of you. It then becomes a delightful game of deciding what to order first. The happy hour menu is robust to say the least, featuring food dishes such as rocky wings, onion rings, fish tacos, portobello fries, deviled eggs, and so much more. The happy hour drink list is a home run, featuring an array of draft beers and signature cocktails.

Happy Hour was happy indeed, starting with one of their signature cocktails, “The Royal Hawaiian,” which is a vodka-based drink with pineapple, lemon and foothill bitters. he perfect starter, it was rich in flavor, but not too sweet and served up in a tall glass,garnished with a royal dragon flower.

Shortly after I got my drink, the first appetizer was delivered; the deviled eggs. While something I would not normally order at a restaurant for an appetizer, after seeing a plate, I had to try them for myself. They were simply amazing, while not lacking of anything. The four halves came loaded with the deviled yolk piled high, garnished with large bacon bits, and blue cheese crumble. At only $4 I should have ordered two, but I’m glad I didn’t as they were huge and filling and I wanted to save room for the fish tacos.

The delectable cod-filled tacos came fresh and hot with large strips of the battered fish, topped with fresh coleslaw, two sides of chipotle ranch, and a fresh avocado sauce. Tacos are a dime a dozen in this area, but these stand out. They may seem pretty standard but one bite in and you can tell that they stand out from the rest. The fresh ingredients, the mouth-watering flavors, and the perfect sauce pairing make this a must-try in my book.

The food was fantastic so far, with a Royal Hawaiian (drink) to match. The waiter came back to see if I needed anything else, and with the way things were going I had to indulge; I ordered another one of their signature cocktails that jumped off the page, “The Rose Bowl.” The tongue-tantalizing concoction contained Singani 63, gin, rose syrup, strawberry, egg whites, citrus and peach bitters. Another ace, it came fast and was served ice cold with a nice rose petal garnish. “The Rose Bowl” was a refreshingly delicious beverage that was not overbearing. I paired that with their portabella fries, a heaping plate of battered mushrooms with garlic, parsley, and reggiano. They were served with a delectable garlic aioli sauce that complemented them perfectly, and offered up an exuberant replacement for traditional French fries.

Foothill is a great spot for good eats, tranquil ambiance and perfectly-crafted cocktails with a reasonably priced,extensive happy hour menu. I give it a solid 10/10 and strongly suggest it for your next post-work or school wind down.

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