Amidst a decaying Paseo Colorado mall in Old Town Pasadena, a new musical venue called The Rose is about to bloom, with the potential to bring the surrounding area back to life.

The Rose is a new entertainment venue in Old Town Pasadena hoping to become a new place for concert goers of all ages to experience once-in-a-lifetime performances. A variety of acts ranging from a Led Zeppelin tribute band to Grammy-winning singers, such as Macy Gray and Smokey Robinson, are scheduled to take the stage within the next few months.

Luanne Nast, head of marketing and media relations, described the versatility of The Rose, noting how the venue can accommodate groups of all sizes. Depending on which kind of act is performing on a given day, the tables and chairs can be rearranged to fit the needs of the audience. One day the seating may be arranged for a small acoustic set from a local artist, and the next it may be set for a huge headlining act.

The Rose is a family-owned and -operated venue. The owner, Lance Sterling, is no stranger to live music venues. Sterling owns The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills and runs the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills. His daughter, Shelby Sterling, is the director of sales, while his wife, Karen, designs merchandise for the venue.

Employees of the venue are like family too, about half of which attend PCC. Sterling describes The Rose as “such an amazing place to work,” adding, “it’s not like working, you get paid to work in an environment with live music.”

Sterling has big ideas for the future of The Rose, including the possibility of starting a lecture series. He is a firm believer in the idea of mentoring the youth, and would love to have a weekly event for students to attend.

“We donate the facility once a month for fundraisers,” Sterling said, who is passionate about giving back to his community.

The Rose is a family-orientated, all-ages venue. The restaurants and bar will be open daily, while the venue will be open on show nights.

According to The Roses’ website, with “70 feet being the maximum distance you can be seated away from the stage, and state of the art sound,” The Rose provides a unique setting for a memorable evening and promises a “high-energy, intrinsic experience” with video capabilities, projection screens and dazzling light show.

The venue also has the ability to broadcast their live events utilizing their high-speed internet. The Rose also has a Ticketmaster kiosk in their lobby, the same one that was used at last year’s Super Bowl game.

In addition to the musical acts performing, guests have upscale dining to look forward to thanks to menus featuring selections influenced by world-renowned chefs. In between laugh attacks brought on by comic Sinbad, audience members can dine on salmon or tenderloin lasagna.

The Rose is bringing CaliBurger, a burger and shake joint, to California for the first time. The only other location is in Seattle, Washington. Within CaliBurger is a jumbo gaming screen where participants can play videogames with one another either locally or across the globe utilizing the venues lightning fast internet connection.

A list of upcoming events can be found on The Rose’s website.




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