Ghosts and ghouls have entertained our imagination for centuries as both fireside stories and as apparitions to the naked eye. While there are many critics who deny the possibility that such things could possibly exist, there is no denying the enigma they intrigue. With the onset of Halloween, legends have awakened and the lingering question of their existence continues to cultivate curiosity. 

A lady in white roaming the cemeteries in Chicago to an outlandish manor on the outskirts of San Jose, these are perhaps a few of the most widely recognized hauntings that occupy a timeless niche in paranormal archives. It is not solely these celebrated incidents that shed light to the possibility of unearthly activity yet rather the experiences of the everyday citizen in homes just like yours and mine. 

That shadowy figure in the corner of your bedroom or a cry in the darkness when no else is present, eerie experiences can manifest in an array of circumstances and in different settings. For PCC student Mary Luna a relatively tranquil August evening would transpire into a frightening memory. 

“It was 10 pm and as I prepared to drift off into slumber, a bizarre feeling passed over me…as if I were not alone. I glanced across the way at my closet and I distinctly saw a tall, slender shadow like figure  gravitating closer. Before it all even registered, the figure had disappeared”. Luna quoted. For Luna, this strange encounter still resonates a powerful emotional response. “Just the thought of it, it makes me uncomfortable”. Luna stated as she prepared to leave for the day. The presence of shadow figures is a commonly reported phenomena. Luna’s case conveys the fear and disconnectedness that penetrate those who have experienced it. It is a feeling that is likely to always remain entrenched in them for the remainder of their lives

While there are many who have their own stories and opinions to offer on the matter, there is still a population that is not convinced that there is any basis to these claims. Most cite the overwhelming lack of evidence for their stance. Others remain questionable yet are not ready to rule it out entirely. Joe Chavez, another PCC student is uncertain about the authenticity yet feels that there are some things that simply cannot be explained.

 “To an extent, l believe there are things out there that aren’t fathomable to humans. I have had an eerie feeling now and then that I could not explain yet, I would love to see more realistic evidence.” Chavez stated. For student Caroline Parker dismisses any allegations of purported hauntings. “Boo, there is no such thing, it is all really silly.” Parker retorted. Skeptics like Parker are not an anomaly and each maintain their viewpoints for various personal reasons. Religious grounds are a common citation. Mainstream Christianity and its denominations do not accept and discourage the belief that spirits of the dead can roam this earth among us. 

Whether they dwell amongst us, is a grandeur mystery that is likely to invoke perplexion until the end of time. For those who do believe, it is not so much a mystery yet rather the question of their purpose. Are they souls caught in limbo, are they creatures of any dimension that have somehow made their way to our own? The question remains and so does the fascination.

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