Who doesn’t have a sweet tooth, especially during the holiday when candy is incentivized to consume all night long? Candy is loved all year round! It comes along for every celebration, there is something for everyone to love but that also comes with sweets for people to HATE.

No holiday centers more around candy than Halloween. At any age a person may be, getting handed a piece of sweetness can turn anyone’s day… if it’s the right one. 

Students at PCC have a lot to say about their favorite and least favorite candy

Matthew Viellgas, Freshman at PCC, loves sour patch gummies. “I’ve always been such a fan of them since I was in kindergarten. although it’s kind of rare to receive these now while trick or treating on Halloween,” said Viellgas. 

Robert Perrea, freshman at PCC, likes the fun-size Kit-Kats but that was a newly acquired taste since he would choose a different one when he was little.  “My favorite candy to get when I would trick or treat was candy corn because of how it looked,” said Perrea. 

Rajeena Nakarmi, a Sophomore at PCC, prefers chocolate candies over savory. “Snickers are my favorite when it’s more on the chocolate side,” said Nakarmi.

At the end of the trick-or-treating night with the bag full of candy, there were always candies we pushed to the side or gave away because those were the nasty ones in our eyes. Sometimes we may trade candies for candy we did enjoy with our siblings or friends because one man’s trash is another man’s treat. 

 “One candy I can’t stand though are nerds. I absolutely hate the color and the taste is so weird to me. it’s almost like tasting plastic with sugar even though I never tried that but I feel like that’s how plastic with sugar taste like”, said Viellagas. 

Candies can be plain out disgusting and we don’t want them for the taste but others have  reasons like allergies as to why they dislike certain sweets. People can be sensitive to certain ingredients that candies have in them that range from being allergic or not liking the texture of it. Common allergies with nuts can turn people away from a delicious snack.

“It’s annoying when I get Resses’s Pieces since I’m allergic to them,” said Perrea.

Regardless of everyone’s favorite or least favorites, candy continues to be the one thing that keeps people coming back every October for their sugar kick.

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