Are you currently bored at home? Well grab your Nintendo Switch and a copy of the newly released “Animal Crossing: New Horizons,” where anyone can enjoy nature from the comfort of their own home. A game where the player can design their own dream getaway island alongside quirky and colorful animal villagers as well as real life friends.

“New Horizons” is the latest and most exciting installment of the series. The player’s character buys a deserted island getaway package from a family of racoons. Players can build houses, infrastructures and design their island with plants and crafted items. They can make rivers, paths, bridges and mountains to personalize the island, with the limit being one’s imagination.

The character and two other villagers buy the package and then go to the island. They start off with tents, the basic resources on the island and the main racoon Tom Nook with his two nooklings.

As the game begins, the nooklings open up their own stores for players to buy and sell items in. Everything costs bells (money), the player always ends up owing a couple 100,000 bells to Nook for their house mortgage. To make money in order for the player to pay back, they have to catch bugs, go fishing, dig up fossils and play the stalk market.

The stalk market is the game version of the real stock market. Instead of selling stocks and bonds, the player can buy turnip stalks from a little boar named Daisy Mae. The stalks are to be bought at a set price from her and throughout the week the prices of turnips fluctuate, with selling prices being as low as 30 bells or as high as 800 bells each. It is frustrating for a player because they will not know if they will make any profit off of their investment and it feels like a complete loss.

New Horizons brought back nice, familiar faces from the past versions and it presented new seasonal events for players. Most importantly, Blathers, who opens up a museum as the player progresses, allows players to donate fish, insects, fossils and artwork. It gives the player a sense of accomplishment when they see their donations on display. The game also brings back the adorable Able Sisters who run a clothing shop that offers a variety of different clothing items, which change everyday for the player’s likes.

“New Horizons” gives the player more to look forward to because some players felt stuck after progressing through the game very quickly. The newest update allows players to collect art pieces and sculptures from a shady red fox named Redd. Players can put these art pieces in their museum, but must be careful because Redd will try to sell fakes ones to them.

As players progress through the game, Tom Nook will open up a town hall with a golden shih tzu named Isabelle, who monitors the island’s progress. The progress makes the player feel good about themselves because it gives them a sense of satisfaction. As players continue to expand and decorate the island their own way, their island rating will go up.

The game’s goal is to continue to grow a deserted island into a flourishing community. Part of the gameplay is also having real life friends visit your island or going to visit theirs. It is a nice bonding experience because players get to see the different creativity from their friends’ islands.

Since quarantine, people have not been able to enjoy the outdoors. “Animal crossing” allows players to forget that they are stuck at home, because in the game they are building a dream island for their character. This is an all ages game, and even adults can sit down and take a break from the real world and relax while designing their dream getaway.

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