This is the comedian Oscar Carlos the main event at The Ice House on January 21, 2015. (Traece O. Craig/Courier)
This is the comedian Oscar Carlos the main event at The Ice House on January 21, 2015. (Traece O. Craig/Courier)

A local comedy club showcases comedy legends as well as upcoming ones, and the venue has a hidden quality of teaching young men to become a gentleman.

Ken Garr and Ari Mannis host a Wednesday night stand up night at the Ice House in Pasadena.

“We host it every night as a chance for upcoming comedians to practice their stand-up” Garr said.

The Ice House is expanding with more and more comics coming from different places to progress on their acts before performing to a general audience.

“It is a great place to watch and get to see the process on someone’s performance in front of a crowd,” said Garr.

Apart from comedy nights, the ice house is a place that brings chivalry back from the dead.

Brandon M. Bell, the manager of the Ice House, establishes a get together for young men to become gentlemen.

He started off doing security and eventually ended up being the manager of the Ice House and a local night club. His experiences led him to becoming a huge part of a foundation that targets young males on refining themselves to become a gentleman.

“I feel like a lot of people today have forgotten what it means to be a gentlemen so we bring young men to talk about what it means to be a gentlemen,” Bell said.

The Foundation brings big comedians like George Lopez, Seth Rogan, Erik Knowles and many others to bring a joyful and entertaining approach on what it means to be a gentleman.

Erik Knowles is one of the bigger comedians who performs at the Ice House. Erik gets his inspiration and humor from the military. While he was in the army he would make so many mistakes, and he now uses those mistakes as hilarious material.

“Who knew my mistakes would end up paying me?” Knowles said.

He first won a stand-up comedy contest while in the Marine Corps from making fun of his professor. He has been doing stand-up ever since, opening for acts such as Sarah Silverman, Zach Galifianakis and John Lovitz.

The comedian brings some inspirational advice to aspiring comics.

“Everyone is funny. It’s just the funny stuff happens when you are not trying to be funny,” he said. “Carry a little notebook and pen so that the next time you make a small crowd of people, you write whatever it is you said down and you try it out.”

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