In every era, music artists explore new styles of sound that break the normative standards. Over time, these styles have been given a name such as Punk Rock, Hip-Hip, Alternative R&B and Bedroom Pop. With every genre, one artist molds that very style for everyone else around them. In her 2018 single “Pretty Girl,” Clairo is a great example of a pioneer who developed the genre of Bedroom Pop. The track’s music videos, through its one take bedroom videos, with lyrics on the screen and minimal editing, has become a known feature of the aesthetic and style that Bedroom Pop is today. From Its Lo-Fi tunes, borrowed instruments and raw sound, new artists are now garnering and developing their sound based on Clairo’s influence.

Paris, Texas is an American Alternative Hip-Hop band founded in 2018, brings in new heat through a blend of Alternative/Indie, Rock, Hip-Hop influences, making it sound different yet vaguely familiar. The duo go by their pseudonyms Louie Pastel and Felix, their real names are unknown, giving them an anonymity that provides musical freedom. The group brings mystery and creativity through their Instagram, posting mind-boggling snippets and illusions that bring intrigue into their music. In 2021, for example, they arranged for a man to pretend to hang himself to promote their music.The group released an album “BOY ANONYMOUS ” that spans from Lo-Fi, guitar driven sounds to Metallic Rock that will hype up any crowd into forming a mosh pit. The demographic that Paris Texas seems to attract Alternative RnB fans which are in the realm of artists like Brockhampton, AG Club, and 99 Neighbors. Bands that are known for their experimental and unique styles of music.

This might be just some other one hit wonder, but Paris, Texas brings art to another level. The duo isn’t just a musical band, they are creatives that delve into art through creative music videos, instagram posts and art work. Artists today are more than multi-talented to explore different mediums in different art forms. When musicians aren’t trapped into their musical domain, they begin to hit every artistic field available. Artists like Kanye, for instance, have brought their ideas into the space of fashion. Musicians begin to direct their own music videos to bring meaning and purpose to their artwork. The way creatives like these help shape the next generation of artists unknowingly help mold and add to their genius. Whether Paris Texas will make a mark in the musical world will only come to be known in the following years but their commitment to artistic freedom through anonymity or mixed media is something to pay attention to.

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