With its new location just being one minute down from Pasadena City College, PCC students can now enjoy the most delicious crepes in Pasadena. Monsieur Crêpe was first originated in the charming village of Sierra Madre but has now made its way down to 105 N Hill Ave. The new location is open Monday through Sunday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.

The drive of the new location is just one minute away from PCC maybe five if there is traffic and for those who don’t want to drive it’s about a 10 minute walk, so students can now go before and after their classes to enjoy either breakfast, brunch or have a nice little dessert on their way home from school. The new location’s menu does differ just a little bit from their original location in the charming little village of Sierra Madre.

Their menu has so many variations of crêpes. It’s not just the sweet crêpes filled with nutella, bananas and strawberries topped with whip cream, they also have breakfast crepes and savory crêpes. Besides the delicious crêpes, they have sandwiches, salads and quiches. They also have a variety of cafe drinks including, cappuccinos, hot tea, lattes and more. All the items on their menu range from $12 to $2.

The Poulet Grille Sandwich (Grilled Chicken) is a necessary when you’re not ordering a crêpe. At only $10, the sandwich comes with grilled chicken, goat cheese, avocado, lettuce with homemade lemon vinaigrette and sun-dried tomato, mayonnaise. The sandwich also comes with a homemade balsamic vinaigrette salad or fruits.

Kimberly Lopez/Courier
A grilled chicken sandwhich ordered at the Monsieur Crépe in Pasadena on Hill Ave. on February 22, 2019.

Now time to the best part of the whole menu. The crêpes. The crêpes are made there right in front of your eyes. So if you are ever curious on how crêpes are made, just like how Krispy Kreme has a window for you to see how the doughnuts are made, Monsieur crêpe has something similar to it.

Crêpes are an essential staple to the French cuisine. The Banana Split which is universally known is just $9. The universally known crepe is made with original french crêpe or gluten free batter on request, fresh bananas and strawberries, homemade chocolate sauce, 14% French vanilla ice cream and almond bits.

Whether students just want to go and enjoy and nice breakfast, bruch or nice dessert with friends, Monsieur Crêpe is the place to go. It is an affordable restaurant for colleges students, so it won’t hurt their bank account and the it’s only a six minute drive. There is free reserved parking behind the back of the building with back door access. Monsieur Crêpe lives up to the hype and brings French cafe culture to Pasadena in a unique way.


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