Looking through my emails on a random Thursday afternoon, the title of one screams out to me by saying “You have been selected to the Amazon Music Live event Ft. Megan Thee Stallion!”. The disbelief that ran through my body that I was chosen to see Megan Thee Stallion perform her new album Traumazine the following Thursday made me jump out of my seat with glee!

A building in Melrose was held as the venue that seemed to be a small space to have an intimate concert. There were two lines that were rallied together, one was general admission and the other was VIP. It was a 21+ event so when walking to the front you have to show ID to match the ticket’s name and show you are of legal age to drink. The GA line seemed to be empty and the only people waiting were the VIPs.

As you are let in, there was a red carpet for VIPs where cameras were lined up for pictures and videos of the guests to pose and talk about the event that was glowing with led lights. On the other side, were two Amazon live hosts with a living room set up where they sat on their loveseats discussing the pre-show.

The area that held the stage was divided into two areas, VIP upstairs with a terrace beneath that holds the drinks and photo opportunities. The general admission is closer to the stage with an open floor in front of the dj. There was a ton of room for everyone so nobody felt suffocated. 

The stage counted down from 10 right at 9 p.m. and separated with Megan Thee Stallion in the center a spider web performing “NDA,”. Her outfit went full dominatrix mode with a black leather rhinestone corset that attached see through tights exposing her backside in black combat stompers. Her makeup was a gray cut crease and long straight black hairdo. 

Everyone was either twerking on the floor or recording her twerking on the stage. In between singing old and new songs, she would talk to her fans hyping them up, calling them “hot girls,” and telling them to be on their “hot girl shit,”. At one point, she told everyone to lift their middle finger to all the haters in the world, especially to the men who try to control women’s bodies.

The concert went on for an hour of bad bitch vibes where the audience just danced their butts off and screaming lyrics that uplift women to become their “hottest,” forms of real and money making queens.  Five minutes after Stallion walked off stage, security escorted people out of the building, ending a fantastic night of hot girl shit.

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