The Marvel Cinematic Universe series has created multiple shows in the last year on their new streaming platform Disney Plus. These shows that have garnered high viewership and astounding reviews, and now with their newest show “Moon Knight.”  This has been the latest anticipated series from Marvel since Loki, Wanda and Vision, And Falcon and Winter Soldier. The show covers mental illness and human identity.

The first episode of “Moon Knight” introduces us to Steven Grant, a museum worker with one pet goldfish and the abnormal sleeping habits of tying himself to the bedside. With unusual bedtime habits and sometimes losing track of time, Grant is found in unfamiliar places throughout the city in unique situations. He is trying to keep everything in his life normal, but struggles to keep everything the same, while helping or maintaining relationships with the risk of losing his job and then that’s where things start to change. The directors create a character that resembles someone who has multi personality disorder with a light twist that gives this character a cool superhero background.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, “Moon Knight” is bringing mental illness to the forefront. The lead character is dealing with multiple identities, Grant alter ego Marc Spector is controlling his body, which makes it similar from previous MCU series like Loki, Wanda and Vision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier, that deals with spirits within the Marvel universe. And Loki is powerful with no one to answer to. The same as “Moon Knight” with his alter ego Spector and they are both different with abilities, but the only thing different are their mental capabilities. Wanda Vision has a similar story line in the episode, in which both Characters are married to significant others, while Falcon and The Winter Soldier is different MCU worlds from “Moon Knight.”

The direction around Marvel’s “Moon Knight” was to portray a small awareness in the character Marc Spector and try to decrease the risk and learn more about dissociative identity disorder.  We see that in “Moon Knight,” Grant is reflecting his reflection in the mirror, giving Spector control of his body when things turn bad. 

Even the cinematography of “Moon Knight” has a different imagery than other MCU films, such as Wanda and Vision, and Falcon and the Winter Soldier. In Wanda and Vision, they explore the different decades of entertainment, the first three episodes are shown in black and white with 4k imagery and the setting resembles the 1960s era with modern day. While the Falcon and The Winter Soldier creates more into comic book characters while having more of a Captain America style.

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