At Pasadena City College there are many different ways students can stay focused on their classes while eating a delicious snack or meal. When trying to balance school, work, and life, maintaining healthy eating habits can become difficult. Finding time before class to pack a lunch is not always an option for students. Thankfully, PCC provides different resources for students to satisfy their hunger on campus and off campus with the help of local businesses. 

“My friends and I like to eat at Teddy’s Tacos after class,” student Maria Rosales said. “I really like getting the carne asada fries. We like to go there because even though it can get pricey, the food is really good compared to other places around here.”

One of the food sources that are available are the many hot spots off campus. One being Teddy’s Tacos, a Mexican restaurant across the street from campus. From small businesses to fast food,  students and staff have taken advantage of these resources, however, eating out can become expensive and in some cases unhealthy.  According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, eating healthy is about setting healthy eating patterns with nutritious foods, so while enjoying the different restaurants and shops that Colorado St. provides, including fruits or nutritious bars can help maintain a healthy diet while on campus.

One potential solution to healthy eating is to prepare a lunch the night before like student Alexa Oros does. This gives time to think of healthy and filling meals while relieving the pressure of rushing to school. Also giving students like Oros a chance to stay energized during the day. 

“For the most part I pack food from home and bring it with me on my most busy day which is Wednesday,” Oros said. “I mostly bring fruits with me and it varies depending on what I have at home.”

Another solution would be to have an ol’reliable snack in mind to either make in five minutes or grab and go. If taking a snack that is cold, there is no need to worry about that because PCC has microwaves available for students to use in the CC building. Something as quick as a pb&j or a fruit salad can make a huge difference in keeping up with healthy eating habits. If there are only 20 minutes in between classes, a granola bar can help push through the next class before a proper meal is prepared at home. 

PCC also has a variety of food and snacks in the bookstore such as mac and cheese, cup of noodles, and mini cereal cups. There are also vending machines everywhere around campus including outside buildings V, R, and IT as well as outside the Gymnasium, inside the CC building, and in Lot 5. The vending machines include a variety of chips, trail mix, candy, granola bars, and drinks. The one located in Lot 5 has plenty of Clif and Kind bars which, according to each website, are healthy and nutritious.

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