The new series “Squid Game” on Netflix isn’t a cinematic masterpiece, but no show is.

Given each episode comes in at nearly an hour long, mastering every scene would be nearly impossible. But the show does, on occasion, have amazing cinematic sequences, with amazing camera pans, side-to-side point of view, use of color, composition, and framing. It is easily a decade worth of work. 

Squid Game might be the best show in the world. 

In the 4th episode, there is a scene where an old man talks about how “the odds were stacked against” them. In a moment where they are the underdogs, equipped with only three girls and an old man, they have this moment of settlement. The scene is set in an elevator as this old man gives a monologue that inspires the team and its audience that anything is possible, even in a match against the strength of 10 men.

The characters in “Squid Game” were simply amazing, with excellent acting and palpable cast chemistry making it a perfect fit. Facial expressions and subtle movements were enough for the characters of this show to convince the audience of the show’s origins. (spoiler) Sang-Woo’s analytical explanations of his actions give a background to his intelligence. Sae-Byeok’s secretive personality is showcased through a slight head down or a blink of an eye of frustration that really moves the character into someone an audience would love. 

Sae-Byeok, played by HoYeon, a Korean top model, was a debut show for this breakout star. While her character had very little lines, her limited screen time captivated who she truly was and why we want to sympathize with her. 

The fascination about the squid game is its simple plot, watching the characters win the game. It’s easy for an audience of such a wide demographic to watch the show and love it. The plot involves character development, then watch what game they play next. The games aren’t complex, so it’s easy for the audience to follow how the game works without a waste of screen time. Another of the show’s fascinating attributes is the way they keep the audience wanting to know how the game plays out, humans are curious and wanting to know who wins almost becomes a dopamine high. 

The music of the show also proves that Netflix is truly a maestro when it comes to their song choice. With previous iconic shows like Money Heist’s “Bella Ciao” and “My Life Is Going On” and Ozark’s dark ambient theme soundtrack, Netflix never misses. 

In this new show, they play this thrilling music whenever the pink soldiers come in, not only is it their theme song but it gives such an eerie feeling when it’s played. The show uses different instrumentals to convey feelings of joy, fear, sadness and it’s what creates a chord or harmony into the show. The show already has really good character development, plot and cinematics, with the music genuinely being the bow on top of it all. After a  first watch, “Squid Game” honestly deserves a 10/10. I would probably change my mind if I pinpoint, and over analyze the details but this is truly an easy watch interesting concept of a show. Some would say that this might even be the show of the decade.


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