Instead of college football players scoring touchdowns at the Rose Bowl last Saturday afternoon, hundreds of jubilant children raced through the 10-acre fields in search of colorful, candy-filled eggs.

The Spring Egg Bowl, which is hosted by Pasadena’s Human Services and Recreation Department in celebration of Easter holiday, has been going on yearly for ten years straight, but Saturday was the first time it took place at the Rose Bowl.

“We don’t often get a chance for our families and kids to get the chance to be on a premier athletic field, like the Rose Bowl, so we saw the opportunity as unique,” said Mercy Santoro, director of Human Services and Recreation.

Supervisor Kenny James agreed.

“The Rose Bowl, of course is a great facility, and if we can utilize it for a great community function so people can enjoy it and create a unique memory on a special occasion for people, we’re happy to participate,” said James.

Even more exciting, a grand total of 40,000 eggs were distributed within the approximately 92,000 capacity stadium. All the children were divided up into age categories and given a certain time in which they could participate in the egg hunt and locate candy treats, as well as the 100 special golden eggs redeemable for gift baskets.

With such a big event such as the Spring Egg Bowl, there were also a number of sponsors who financially supported it and made it possible to take place.

Among these sponsors was the Sydney Paige Foundation, a locally run charity started by Courtney Brockmeyer to educate her two daughters, Sydney and Paige, about the importance of giving back. The Sydney Paige Foundation gives back to the needy schools and families around the Pasadena city area by donating one item for every item a customer purchases through their organization. So, for example, if a parent bought his or her son a backpack for school, another person from the same community will receive a backpack for free.

“This is the first year that the Sydney Paige Foundation partnered with the city of Pasadena in the egg hunt event,” says Ann Wohlstetter, director of marketing and business development. “We are truly glad that we got the chance to partner with the city and to show people how fulfilling and enriching our charity is.”

Other sponsors included Pasadena’s fire, police, and water and power departments, all of whom intended to educate the children and their families about the resources offered by the city so that they are more engaged with their community.

Overall, the event was a success and many families left feeling happy.

“It was so much fun. The kids just had a blast,” said Anna Babakhanian of Pasadena, who was joined by husband Leon Babakhanian and their 2-year-old son Benjamin.

Shuan Elliot, a locale of the city, had not been back to the Rose Bowl since he graduated from Pasadena High School. He joined in on the festivities with his girlfriend, Stacey Ross, and their children Christopher, 4, and Leilonnie Devine, 6. Although the line to get in was longer than expected, Elliot said he was glad he took his family to the Rose Bowl.

“The kids had fun, and that is what I enjoyed the most,” he said.

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