Tim Burton’s rendition of “Dumbo” brought upon incredibly beautiful scenes with lots of color, but he just didn’t stop there, Burton also brought to life a fictional character that has been loved by many Walt Disney fans that have adored the cartoon film that was released in October of 1941.

The film began with introducing the human characters that also made this film what it was; the circus that owned Dumbo and his mother Jumbo which was ran by a man named Max Medici portrayed by the one and only Danny DeVito. It also introduced Holt (Colin Farrell) and his two children, Milly and Finely – the three of them were the main reason Dumbo could fly and the only people Dumbo would listen to.

In the original cartoon film, Dumbo was brought to his mother by a stork and while they bring about a stork in the film, it wasn’t necessarily showed that, that’s how Jumbo had her little one. So, of course, with little changes here and there from the original to Burton’s vision, it was still cute and of course, it brought tears to my eyes. The story that is Dumbo isn’t easy to bring to life in live-action form, but Burton truthfully did a good job with it.

The costume design was beautiful and fit the era of the film which took place in the early 1900’s. The circus life was not only portrayed in a way that made you feel like you were actually in the crowd of the circus but also like you were there living that life with the characters. And of course, the baby blue eyes that everyone knows Dumbo had in the cartoon version were brought to life in a way that made the audience of the theater I was in go, “aww!” – myself included, of course!

Walking into the theater I had my doubts about this life action of Dumbo and it was for many reasons. Burton had lost his flare when it came to his movie making; Alice In Wonderland wasn’t all that spectacular in my opinion and it was a cartoon film that I adored as a child. Dumbo was also one of the films that I grew up watching and thought, bringing an elephant to life was going to be slightly hard to do without really bringing in a real elephant to the screen. The CGI thats was used to bring to life that baby elephant was done beautifully. Not only with Dumbo but also with the other elephants that were in the film. The editing of the film, the costumes, the plot of the story, and the colors that brought the entire film to life was all done in a way that made you feel like you were there with them in the film and were actually living the circus life.

Tim Burton’s vision of Dumbo is easily a solid 10 from me. With star studded film with actors Danny DeVito and Michael Keaton, to a great plot line the made sense from the beginning and quite frankly fit the story of the original cartoon film and the bright colors that filed the screen, it was a film that I believe will become an instant classic and loved by many and become a household favorite. Would I recommend this film to everyone? Absolutely and I’d hope it’d bring back those memories of them being a child and loving the original and remembering how it felt to be a kid being amazed by Walt Disney films.

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