Counterparts kicked off their fall 2019 tour on Oct. 24 at the 1720 warehouse in Downtown Los Angeles to celebrate the release of their new album, “Nothing Left to Love.” The show was presented by PinUp Productions, who hosts events all over the west coast and supports the local music scene. The album was released on November 1, 2019, and has been tremendously supported by fans, reaching #97 on the Billboard top 200 in just the first week. 

“I’m glad to be back because for whatever reason, California seemingly f***s with us really heavy,” Counterparts vocalist Brenden Murphy said during the last song of the set. 

He invited everyone to come on stage and sing in unison, creating an intimate and chaotic moment. 

Counterparts is a hardcore Canadian band from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and Nashville, Tennessee that began in 2007. They are among the most distinguishable bands within contemporary melodic hardcore, having released albums through Victory Records and Pure Noise Records.

“There’s a lot of ways that you can navigate being in a band,” said Murphy. “And for us, on the rare occasion that we decide to headline, we get to pick all the bands. Maybe there’s other bands that we can tour with that would generate more of a buzz or there’d be more people. But I just I dont give a f**k about any of that. I want to tour with my friends. I want to tour with bands that I give a s**t about, bands we are all in agreement with that kick f*****g ass and that’s what this is.”

Jared Tarin, a former promoter for Pin Up Productions, was most excited for Varials. He had worked for about four years, assisting with stagehand and promotional activity. PinUp Productions puts a heavy emphasis on supporting the local scene. They book events for both high-profile touring bands, as well as local shows. PinUp also offers services such as band merchandise, graphic design, social media consultations and private event bookings.

“When it comes to the industry, there’s so many people that come out and share emotions,” said Amber Paredes, a photographer for SETSIGHTS. “It can be rough though because it is very opinionated,” said Amber Paredes, a photographer for SETSIGHTS. “I could shoot for everyone but I’d rather just watch and let the other photographers have all the space they need.”

Counterparts’ “Nothing Left To Love” album is available now on Apple Music and Spotify. Tickets for the remaining tour date, as well as pre-order bundles are available through their website, nothing left

To read the album review, click below. 


The anthem of melancholy: ‘Nothing Left To Love’

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