Just steps from the PCC Community Education Center on Foothill Boulevard lies, in all its fabulous gay glory, the last gay bar in Pasadena.

Just steps from the PCC Community Education Center on Foothill Boulevard lies, in all its fabulous gay glory, the last gay bar in Pasadena.

Antonio Gandara/Courier
Head bartender George DePasquale and patrons enjoying a fabulous Sunday evening at The Boulevard located on Foothill Boulevard, just steps away from the PCC Community Education Center.

Years after other gay bars in Pasadena have long since closed, the gay bastion that is The Boulevard, endures.

Popular past gay bars such as Encounters, Copa and Nardis all became victims of the economy, politics and the Internet but somehow The Boulevard is still here.

Owner Steve Terrodot credits his regular, loyal, silver fox clientele and the younger, hipper, adventurous generation for the bar’s almost 40-year endurance.

“The younger kids nowadays have a lot more options of where to be gay than we did,” said Terrodot. “They have the Internet, online dating. It’s OK to be gay at school, at the local grocery store, its even OK to be gay at some churches. In the past the ‘gay bar’ was the only place we had where it was OK to be gay.”

The Boulevard may be a small, quaint neighborhood bar, but it’s big on entertainment. Throughout the week, patrons enjoy karaoke, drag shows, DJ dance nights, underwear nights, billiards and an extremely popular Sunday beer bust and barbeque with a standard performing pianist.

Loyal patron Richard DeLeon explained the bar’s longevity.

“This bar has always been the bar that’s accepting of everyone. You can be gay, straight or whatever. Come here and feel very comfortable with its welcoming clientele and staff,” said DeLeon.

“PCC students are welcomed to The Boulevard where one can be themselves because it’s not a big scene like West Hollywood, where everyone’s concerned about how they look, what they’re wearing and all the primping that goes along with the West Hollywood clubs,” said DeLeon.

“There’s a sense of family in this very small bar,” said patron Adam Kessinger. “It’s a place to express, a place to sing, a place to feel like you belong and your itch will definitely be scratched here,” said Kessinger with a wink and beaming smile.

“We’re a little dive bar in the eastside of Pasadena but incredible magic happens here and everyone, especially students, are always welcome to be a part of this magic if they don’t mind the occasional old gay dinosaur lurking about,” said Terrodot.

Antonio Gandara/Courier
Front entrance of The Boulevard, the last gay bar standing in Pasadena.




  1. I was a Nardis patron in the 70’s on the corner of Sierra Bonita Colorado Blvd. I am sorry I never knew about you else I would have visited you. I am not gay myself but I support the gay community in all respects. I have had a few good friendships along the way.

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