This article may contain more spoilers than the Avengers: Infinity War cast itself.

If “Avengers: Infinity War” was a Latino telenovela, it would be an extremely dramatic telenovela, replete with unexpected plot twists and evil protagonists getting in the way of a harmonious ending. However, the film is more dramatic than expected, leaving the audience in disbelief yet hungry for the arrival of the sequel, slated to come out next year in May (that’s right, we’re going to have to sit in agony and despair for another year).

In the film, the Avengers and company (Co.) fight against Thanos, a purple, intergalactic, menacing villain with a penchant for collecting all six Infinity Stones. His plan is to gather the Infinity Stones, place them on his gauntlet and destroy half of the population in the universe with the snap of a finger. Thanos is Marvel’s darkest (and best) villain yet, kicking the superheroes asses in a matter of seconds. His much anticipated arrival brings together an unlikely formation of superhero groups scattered around the universe, working intently on ensuring that he doesn’t get the Infinity Stones.

While some may argue that the action-packed cast detracts from the plot, each character and their adventure is essential to the resolution. The sole purpose of the film is to follow the characters in their endeavors to save the universe, whether working together or apart. The collaboration among superheroes allows for some entertaining fight scenes and character development that proves no cast is too big or overwhelming to maintain straight storylines.

For example, after Thanos’ villainous Black Order arrive at New York City, in what some might call a donut, Dr. Strange and Iron Man team up to kill them in the hopes of preserving the emerald Infinity Stone that Dr. Strange possesses. After a quick brush with death, rather than thanking Iron Man for saving his life, Dr. Strange tells him that he would not hesitate to save the Infinity Stone over him or Spider-Man, a rather grim statement.

The stakes are set high because the amounting cost of Thanos obtaining that Infinity Stone would result in the death of half the universe, therefore saving two superheroes is not a choice that can be made (classic utilitarianism). Yet, in the penultimate fight scene in the film, Dr. Strange surrenders the Infinity Stone over to Thanos to save Iron Man from his death, saying, “There was no other way.”

Though he can be at times pretentious and dry, Dr. Strange’s prescient ability lends a hand to the Avengers and Co. in succeeding. His decision, albeit counterintuitive, to save Iron Man and let Thanos obtain all the Infinity Stones is perhaps the one outcome for the Avengers and Co. to defeat him and regain hope for the universe.

This storyline stays tightly wounded, shifting dramatically from happy go-lucky heroes fighting against villains with powerful abilities to grief-inducing realities about sacrifice and loss.

Moreover, the teaming of such superheroes provided comedic relief, especially considering that this film is amongst the darkest in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The comedy didn’t occur at the sake of saving the audience from the overwhelming presence of A-lister actors but helped the film smoothly transition from the introduction of one superhero to another.

Rather than feeling forced, like Mark Ruffalo’s character trying too hard to become the Hulk, the comedy felt natural and appropriate, uplifting the audience from the heavy weight of Thanos genocidal domination of the universe. Comedy is interspersed in the film, enriching small tidbits of scenes with glimpses of hope and joy, especially considering some beloved MCU characters die early on, foreshadowing the death toll that rises at the end.

“Avengers: Infinity War” succeeds because the amalgamation of everyone’s favorite superheroes and comedy seamlessly work together to create yet another outstanding Marvel film that dares to go beyond what anyone could have expected. One thing is for sure, we are going to need more superheroes to defeat Thanos and restore life in the universe.

Rate: B+

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