*Mild spoilers ahead, you’ve been warned!!! (Don’t expect any “who died” in this review, you’re gonna have to figure that on your own).

After numerous rumors and leaks inundated the internet for months, “Avengers: Endgame” finally satiated all wild theories in three painful yet wonderful hours, delivering wit, excitement and a lot of emotions. However, what makes this film excel isn’t its routine lineup of A-list actors, nor its witty banter, but the intimate moments between characters that ultimately leads to final resolutions.

“Endgame” begins with a somber call back to the notorious snap that decimated half of the universe, then jumps ahead five years later, where the remaining Avengers are living in a post-Thanos world, coping in different ways.

The topic of discussion in the film rests on the “time heist”, an homage to “Back to the Future.” Essentially, the plan for the Avengers is to go back in time and steal the Infinity Stones before Thanos gets a hold of them and snap half of the universe back into existence. While this starts out as a wild idea concocted by Ant-Man, it becomes the Avengers only plan to save the universe. In between the bits of discovering a potential remedy to Thano’s snap and time travel, are heartwarming moments delivered by a cast that use their interpersonal bonds with each other to uplift their morales.

The long awaited reunion between Captain America and Iron Man delivers the most tender moments because it relies on their reflections of their mistakes and ability to be vulnerable with one another. The Russo brothers intentionally created these moments to remind the audience that even in the worst of times, these characters can redeem themselves if they choose to. Every characters’ development was contingent upon remembering the past and using it not as a detriment, but as a motivation to work with one another to help save the universe. This also leads to the resolution of a couple of conflicts that have been dangling in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for quite some time now.

The seemingly innocuous conflicts like Bruce Banner not being able to turn into Hulk or the devastating conflicts like Thor’s loss of Asgard are resolved throughout the entire film. Perhaps that’s simply the point of the Avengers. Humans (or I guess heroes) are imperfect but by being honest with one another, acknowledging the past, and taking responsibility without placing blame, there can be a brighter and more hopeful future. Asking for help is just the first step, and one that happens immediately in “Endgame” for that matter. This is arguably one of the best messages delivered throughout the film.

And while these moments were delivered with the comedic relief we’ve come to love about the MCU, some jokes were far too stereotypical, weighing down the intimacy between characters at times. One of the most talked about moments was Thor’s scruffy and “fat” appearance. Rather than illuminating Thor’s personality and touching on a more vulnerable note about loss and regret, the writers used the superficiality of looks to denote Thor’s character as “blue” and “morose.”

This didn’t help deliver on the down-time moments that the audience has come to appreciate. It’s not impossible to be considerate about the jokes being made, especially if a staple of the MCU is providing comedic relief. Hopefully, in future movies to come, the writers learn from their mistakes, just like the Avengers have.

Still, in spite of a few misses here and there, “Endgame” is that seemingly “perfect” ending. It’s the one you saw coming from a mile away and was still caught by surprise but it’s also the one that you will probably never let go and always remember.

So, I guess Avenger, we love you 3000.

Rate: A-

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