‘Saturday Night Live’ (SNL) performed a skit of the Vice Presidential debate on October 10. Now, even if the VP debate was slightly less painful to watch than the Presidential debate a couple of weeks back, the SNL crew made light of a situation where much conflict lies.

While many have their opinions about the candidates running for this year’s election, SNL was able to portray Kamala Harris, and Mike Pence, without a clear bias to one party. This way, it was enjoyable for all audiences to watch no matter which side they affiliate themselves with. The parody was filled with snarky comments, satire comedy, and light criticism. 

As an introduction, Maya Rudolph who played Kamala Harris confidently walked in spraying two cans of Lysol in front of her. It was clear that the writers wanted her to have a more dominant attitude than Beck Bennett as Mike Pence, and be more straightforward. 

“That’s right, the senator from ‘Kalama-fornia’ is present,” said Rudolph as she was introduced.

“Look, I promise you, the President has taken this virus seriously since the beginning… of last week,” Bennett replied with heavy sarcasm when he was asked a question relating to how President Trump contracted COVID-19 recently.

Similar to the actual debate, Kate McKinnon acting as the moderator Susan Page asked Bennet how he was handling the current pandemic to which he jokingly and sarcastically mocked Pence’s response. Switching over to Rudolph, who represented Senator Harris very accurately, assertively repeating her now-famous line “Mr. Vice President, I’m speaking,” when she had been interrupted. 

Lastly, the infamous moment of the fly landing on Mike Pence’s head was also included in the skit. The SNL team poked fun at this moment by turning it into a dramatic scene of Joe Biden played by Jim Carrey wanting to teleport to the debate to help Harris. Ultimately, something goes wrong in the process due to the machine being insufficient and Carrey ends up becoming the fly on Bennett’s head, the whole scene referencing the 80’s sci-fi movie ‘The Fly’. Carrey went on to hilariously represent Jeff Goldblum’s character from the film. He was soon accompanied by cast member Kenan Thompson, who ironically was mentioned as Herman Cain but as a fly in his afterlife. 

Overall, watching this lighthearted comedy sketch was a good way to take someone’s mind off of the stressful election. The way SNL portrayed Harris, Pence, and Biden was amusing but thankfully not irritating or tiresome in any way. Considering the fly that had landed on Pence’s head went viral over social media, it was clever of the writers to add the scene impersonating the well-known sci-fi movie, and Jim Carrey’s impersonation was phenomenal.

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