Due to the negative connotation of the phrase “boy band,” people seem to think that every all-male band goes on stage and performs choreographed dances to cringy pop songs. Breaking that misconception with a new single, “Easier,” is Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer who showcase a newfound edginess and maturity in their music that has never been seen before.

The band, better known as 5SOS, started their career eight years ago and rose to tremendous fame in 2013 when they opened for One Direction on tour. They released their highly anticipated third album, “Youngblood,” last summer, and though it contained a couple of standouts, the album as a whole fell short of the new and different sound the band has promised for so long.

With “Easier,” the boys showcase a musical departure from pop-heavy rock into a more pop-rock sound with an electronic influence. This could be due to the fact that the bass-heavy track was co-written with the help of One Republic frontman Ryan Tedder and Charlie Puth.

The song is an obvious standout from the band’s discography, due to its sonic creativity. The track goes in and out of high notes and synths, and transitions impeccably from verse to hook to chorus.

The best aspect of the song is most certainly the pre-chorus: “I love you so much that I hate you / Right now, I just so hard to blame you / Cuz you’re so damn beautiful / So damn beautiful.” This is sung almost acapella-like, with lead singer Luke Hemmings’ emphasizing each of the syllables and the rest of the band member echoing his voice.

The accompanying music video for the song also displays the band’s newfound edginess featuring shots of lead singer Luke Hemmings chained in a dark cave with fluorescent blue lights.

In the video, each of the band members are also seen walking through a hall with portraits of themselves hanging on the walls. The pictures are on fire, withering away. This symbolizes the song’s chorus and main theme, “Is it easier to stay, is it easier to go?”

However, this initiation of setting pictures of themselves on fire, can also be representative of idea that the band is saying goodbye to their previous selves, as they begin a new musical era.

“Easier” was ranked as pop radio’s most added song upon its release. The band will be playing this song, as well as their other hits, when they go on tour this upcoming fall alongside The Chainsmokers.

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