Chris Vinan will be hosting a new Lancer Radio weekly talk show with music that will not be restricted in its content.

Chris Vinan, hosts a radio show called "The World in Your Ears", on Wednesday's from 3-4 on Lancer Radio. (Rocio Vera/Courier)
Chris Vinan, hosts a radio show called “The World in Your Ears”, on Wednesday’s from 3-4 on Lancer Radio. (Rocio Vera/Courier)

Each week Vinan’s show “You’ve Got the Whole World in Your Ears” will cover a different region of the world and bring in guests and correspondents whom he hopes will generate a meaningful conversation.

“The purpose of the show is to discuss every inch of this planet,” Vinan said. “No stones will be left unturned, I want people to be entertained and expect a good time.”

Guests will have knowledge on values, experiences and customs in respect to their birthplace and topics are expected to range from music to the meaning of cultural identity. Vinan is hoping some of his guests will be random students he finds around campus that will be willing to talk about their culture.

“I think [this show] sounds interesting,” PCC student Naomi Anderson said. “I’m hoping it will teach everyone about about different cultures and teach people to appreciate other lifestyles around the world.”

Vinan thought other Lancer radio shows were too narrow on content and directed towards a specific audience. He thought you couldn’t get any more broad than the world and drew inspiration for his title from the song “You’ve Got the Whole World in Your Hands.”

“I want to give people insight into different cultures at PCC,” Vinan said. “People come to campus and leave after class. They don’t know how diverse the campus is.”

Lancer Radio is student-run with the mission “to provide a high quality, academically robust learning enviroment that encourages, supports and failitates student learning and success.”

Vinan credits Sarah Barker, Lancer radio advisor, for pushing him to do a show.

“I originally took TVR 14A [the radio class] by accident,” Vinan said. “But I think she [Barker] saw my potential and wanted me to be more involved with Lancer radio.”

Vinan knows that Lancer Radio has a smaller dedicated audience and is hoping that his show will bring more people to listen not only to his show but to all other Lancer Radio shows.

“I want people to know they’re going to benefit [by listening],” Vinan said. ” I want to give away prizes like iPads and show tickets, prizes that are exclusive to the interest of PCC students.”

“The Whole World in your Ears” will be airing on Lancer radio Wednesdays from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. starting Mar. 19.

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