Coming on to a college campus for the first time can be an intimidating experience for some students. To make this experience a bit easier, returning students and counselors share tips that can significantly help incoming new students get the most out of their years at PCC.

“Get to class early,” said Abby Cayanan, English. Classes tend to get full, and always sit in the front to show your teacher that you want be here, she said.

“Don’t be shy,” said Robert Ramirez, film. Try to talk to people and make friends in case you miss a class and need to get the assignment, he said.    

“Don’t take school so lightly your first year,” said Vanessa Gutierrez, nursing. She added is very important to take the first year seriously so one is not here longer than expected.

Jill Anderson, adjunct counselor, has a solution to help with this. “See a counselor right away,” she said. It will help get rid of some confusion and get students ready for the next semester she said.

“Never be afraid to ask questions,” said Mark Gochez, music. “If you don’t understand something, raise your hand and speak out because your teachers are here to help you,” he said. And, if you are struggling with homework, Anderson suggests taking advantage of the tutoring centers on campus; they can be of major help, he said.

“Don’t cram everything before a test,” said Vanessa Gutierrez.

To add to this, Anderson advises students to not underestimate the time a task is going to take, “in case it takes longer than you thought,” she said.

Counselor Anderson also tells students to be realistic in their time management and not to take to many classes if they have a busy life. To help improve time management skills, she suggests taking a counseling class.

And, if they need more help, Anderson recommends the official college website and its the tools for student success.

Returning students, Armida Derzakarian, political science, Cristina Gabrielyan, political science and Christian Sanchez, film, give advice for new students at PCC. (Megan Carrillo / Courier)

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