When it comes to college life, there are many situations that could bother students. Other than the confines of a private conversation, their pet peeves often go unexpressed and the issues plaguing the individual often stay unresolved. If these personal problems are presented to an audience, however, there is an impetus for action and the likelihood of change increases.

Issues that inconvenience students are often regarded as the biggest pet peeves, as time management is of the utmost importance for those that want to excel.

Construction around the C building started this past summer and has continued throughout the first few weeks of the fall semester. Freshman Diana Che is both annoyed and inconvenienced by the work being done on the sidewalk.

“I wish they would do the construction at night. I’m here at seven in the morning and they are so loud. I just woke up. It’s kind of disturbing. I don’t want to walk by a loud noise,”, said Che. “It also bothers me that we have to walk around the entire building and then walk back to skip that area.”

Transportation can cause many problems related to class attendance. Finding a way to get to school may be difficult for some, but for those arriving in their own vehicles, a new issue arises once they’ve made it to campus.

Parking is an important necessity in the college community, but it is not always readily available and can be expensive. Music production student Glenn Soracco spoke about parking at PCC and the neighborhood surrounding the school.

“I’m annoyed by parking, but specifically the fact that everything is two-hour parking and class is at least an hour and a half. They can’t interrupt their classes to go move their car,”, said Soracco. “I walk from Parkwood, so I don’t have to pay for the parking here. On trash day, they spread out their trash cans and there’s usually parking because I don’t think many students know about it.”

Our pet peeves can develop as a result of other people. Students may be bothered by a certain person, their actions, or a situation in class that becomes annoying.

The discussion of politics could turn a friendly circumstance into a volatile one. Freshman Cameron Girskis began his first semester in college with a feeling of frustration regarding political conversation in non-political classes.

“Why do professors get political? I always believe in school and in comedy, you should not talk about politics. Last night I was in a class down at Rosemead and this teacher was making a joke about how no one wants to go to Texas because it’s a red state, but Texas is awesome,” said Girskis. “It was in geography. And I was like, I want to learn about geography, but somehow stuff becomes political and I don’t like that. In government class, I’ll talk politics all I want.”

The availability of resources continues to plague people from all walks of life. Although many struggles of our lives seem to be alleviated by the advent of technology, there are still some people that are annoyed by those advancements that haven’t been fully developed.

It is vital to stay hydrated. The water fill-up stations on campus provide complimentary cold filtered water, but the availability of those stations is an issue for PCC student Michelle Fuentes.

“When the weather gets really hot outside, everybody gets thirsty during class and you don’t want to have to go spend money buying more water bottles each time. I feel like a lot of students in college carry water bottle containers, so it would be convenient if there were more fountains to refill your water bottle when you’re thirsty,” said Fuentes. “I’ve seen a few around but I have to go find them. For example, I have a class on the fourth floor and we have to go down the elevator to the first floor to get water. It would be useful if there were one around each section, each floor of the building.”

Of the many possible pet peeves of Pasadena City College students, several have expressed their frustrations, which may serve a greater purpose of inspiring change in the college community. The particular annoyances may differ between individuals but those choosing to rise up and band together could make progress and positively influence their learning environment.

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