With canopies set up in preparation for the rain to come, professors and counselors stood behind tables ready to greet and inform students on the various activities that were being hosted. Each section had its own unique color, as well as arrows on the floor—should students follow—guiding from one table to the next.

“Explore Your Career Community” was an event hosted at PCC from March 10 to 11 in the quad at the main campus. This event was to help current and future students explore different career options by providing a community made up of people, places and activities to help them explore opportunities and connect them to resources and support on campus.

“This is a great opportunity for students to find the different career options that they have,” said Armine Papazian, one of PCC’s career counselors. “We have professors and counselors from each department that students can talk to for advice and a sense of direction to where they want to go.”

Each student was given a bingo card and had to navigate through the multiple booths that were set up according to the different career departments. Some activities that they could participate in  include answering questions about different resource centers for jeopardy, talking to a professor and a counselor and doing a scavenger hunt at the library.

KaitLynn Markley/Courier
Career Center Counselor Kevin Dimatulac playing a trivia game with students on Wednesday, March 11. Dimatulac works as a counselor to guide students on the right career path for them.

After completing the bingo card, students were able to exchange it for a total of four raffle tickets for a chance to win Airpods, Bluetooth speakers or a $100 Amazon gift card.

“I’m just here for the food and the free water bottle,” said student Aisling Parada.

The event also offered sandwiches and a variety of snacks. Students were able to receive small prizes such as water bottles, pencils and pencil bags.

“Explore Your Career Community” allows students to be more familiar with the resources that are provided from PCC. This includes talking to a career counselor for advice on career choices, being familiar with the resources that the library has to offer and exploring the many labs that are available for tutoring.

“It’s exciting to know that PCC has so much to offer in helping students,” said student Andy Lee. “I don’t think students realize the resources that are available and what they have access to.”

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