A passion for fantasy and imagination has driven PCC student Haley Risch to a love of writing. Whether it be writing short stories as a child or her reverence for nature as an adult, these interests have culminated into her current position as the lifestyle editor at the Courier. 

Her aspiration is to write intriguing and enjoyable things that people can learn from. At the newspaper she has written how-to pieces on yoga and reviews on things such as alcohol delivery and museums.

“When I think of writing, I think of happy things,” said Risch. “I want to be able to get my word out there, but I also want to enjoy doing it.”

Her path towards a career in journalism has fallen into place smoothly. However, her original plan steered her towards an environmental science major. Once she realized that a scientific career wasn’t right for her, she decided to revisit a childhood love for writing. When she was young, she remembers writing short fantasy stories.

Like many others, Risch has been affected greatly by COVID-19. She was due to start a job as a server at Limerick’s Tavern in downtown Los Angeles on St Patrick’s day, but all bars were shut down a day earlier after an order by the L.A. County Department of Public Health. 

However, she’s still working at Roots & Rye, an acai bar in Pasadena. Of course, working in the middle of a pandemic comes with its risks. Her store shut down for two weeks after an employee’s family member was allegedly infected with the virus, but is now up and running. 

“I was worried about getting something and bringing it back to my family,” said Risch. “It’s kind of nerve wracking.” 

Risch is trying to make the best of the quarantine. When she is not working, she is finding more time to work on her hobbies, whether it be reading books on nature and self-improvement, or yoga.

“I have been more productive with my own personal life. I’ve doubled my yoga time. I started to pick back up things that I had put down,” she said. 

Once life picks back up again, Risch intends to hit the beach as soon as possible.

“I just want to go to the beach,” said Risch. “That’s my happy place.I would roller skate a mile down from the pier, and walk back along the ocean path.”

Risch plans on attending San Diego State University in the fall. Once there, she plans on continuing to work on finding her place in journalism and looks forward to an entertaining journey. 

“If I’m spending the rest of my life doing it, I want it to be fun,” said Risch.

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