The PCC Jazz Guitar Ensemble didn’t fail to perform as the echoes of clapping filled the Westerbeck Recital Hall.

The Jazz Guitar Ensemble is a jazz group that is dedicated to jazz guitar players. It teaches the guitarist to play arranged compositions that are set to their method of play by their musical director.

In hopes of giving the audience a great performance, the director of the jazz guitar ensemble wanted to keep representing the PCC music department through the importance of translating Jazz music to the guitar.

“This particular group has come a long way their ability to play the parts together has improved greatly,” said Steve Cotter, the director of the PCC Jazz Guitar Ensemble. “They can sound powerful and exciting as a group.”

As a mini big band for guitars, the ensemble plays in much the same style as how a horn section would in a big band.

“I am interested in guitar players having the ability to play ideas that saxophones or trumpets would play,” said Cotter.

Consisting of nine guitarists, a bassist and a drummer, the ensemble drew excitement to the crowd as solos were being executed throughout the performance.

“At first I was nervous…,” said guitarist Austin Cox. “…But actually its been pretty awesome we all play pretty differently from each other and have something to contribute musically.”

For one hour the sounds of Jazz classics were played at the hall by the whole band with enthusiasm and dedication to the music.

Guitar is generally a supporting instrument in jazz and the ensemble gave an opportunity

to play a variety of roles from supporting to lead lines.

Starting from their first concert outside the performing arts building to the Westerbeck Recital Hall, the tunes brought the band together.

“There’s a few different jazz ensembles that guitar players can be a part of, but I think this one since its just for guitar players, you get the most out of it,” said Cox.

As their second performance at PCC, it was a night to remember as all the musicians in the band played their hearts out.

“I like that we are an ensemble specifically for my instrument,” said guitarist Jesus Sanchez. “It’s shown me thing that make a big difference when you play.”

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