If you’re looking for a new book to read this semester on your time off, but still haven’t found a book that has caught your attention, you can stop worrying now. There’s a new book in stores now, and was written by an English instructor from PCC .

            Instructor Brian P. Kennedy has been teaching at PCC for 15 years. He has a passion for hockey, his two previous books were about this sport.

            His third book is titled, “My Country is Hockey.” The book takes an in depth about Canadians and their passion for Hockey. Hockey plays a huge role in the lives of many Canadians.

            Kennedy has several goals with his goals. He wants for his audience to get “Enjoyment, the chance to ponder the place of sports in culture, the meaning of what it is to be a fan, a Canadian,” he said.               

            It took Kennedy two years to fully complete his book. One year was dedicated to research and writing, the following year was dedicated to revising and working with his editor Kathy Van Denderen. The publisher was Argenta Press. You can buy this book through Amazon.com for $18.95.

Kennedy had many inspirations for this book, especially since it was his third book published. His first book “Growing Up Hockey” was a memoir; it was a book for everyone who loved Hockey. “Living the Hockey Dream” was his sequel, it was based on interviews he did with people that were in the Hockey industry.

Kennedy has published other work he said, “I also write about cars, and I have several academic essays published in books and journals, mostly on contemporary British literature, post-colonial literature, and literary theory. I also co-wrote a book which is a collection of essays called The People and Promise of California (Pearson, 2008).” 

Laila Hajjali, a film and television major, doesn’t know that much about hockey, but after hearing about this book would be interested in reading it. Hajjali said, “I’ve always wanted to learn about hockey, this book will give me a better insight.”

Brian Kennedy, with his new book. (Richettes / courier)

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