Photo courtesy of Todd Lincoln, taken on October 26, 2015.

Niousha Khosrowyar is a 23-year-old freshman at PCC. She was born in Tehran, Iran, and studied fashion for a year in London. She hopes to transfer to USC in the fall, and is majoring in business management/marketing.

London is a multicultural metropolis … maybe even more so than Los Angeles. It’s a melting pot for cultures, fashion, and talent. So, I couldn’t think of a better place to draw inspiration from. I have a love/hate relationship with fashion. It felt like a superficial thing to do. Yes, it’s a form of expression and art … but at what cost? It’s a wasteful, unethical and highly pollutive industry.

“I plan on starting a sustainable/eco-friendly clothing line, made by Iranian women and men who will be paid fairly … and provide ethical working conditions/environment. I also plan on donating a percentage of the profits towards organizations that create schools in rural areas and support the arts.

“I want to have a firm understanding of the inner workings and dimensions of what it really takes to run a multi-national business. My creativity has served me well to a certain degree, but I need to learn how to fully execute original ideas from a larger business perspective.

“While spending my formative years in Iran, I became frustrated walking by knock-off American stores, people wearing Westernized clothes while eating at fast-food restaurants with names like ‘Kabooky Fried Chicken’. A country that has been a leader of innovation for thousands of years, has sadly become a master at imitating. The more the government pulled America away from us, the more we lost our identity trying to reach it. The limitations by the Iranian government and the international sanctions imposed on them became a catalyst for me to want to take matters into my own hands.”

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