Spotted in the Plaza near the library, sat 21-year-old Latino Lancer student, known as Benjamin Pasillas or Ben with the long brown hair. He was happy to share a little bit about himself.

He has been a student at PCC for three years now.

“I’m majoring in psychology to become either a therapist or counselor, one that works with children or families,” he said. “At first, I was majoring in hospitality management but decided I wanted to help others mentally and emotionally.”

Pasillas was born and raised in Eagle Rock, California which is located in the midst of Pasadena, Highland Park, and Glendale. Aside from continuing his educational path, Pasillas works and enjoys other various interests.

“I love baking cookies the most, just because you can share with others by breaking the cookie apart,” he explained. “My favorite dish to make would probably be chicken breast because it is such a flexible ingredient and has a bunch of recipes that revolve around them,” Pasillas explains.

Besides baking, Pasillas loves going out with his friends, exploring, and finding new places to eat.

“I’m such a foodie,” he said.

When it comes to down time, Pasillas likes playing video games, such as ‘League of Legends’ and ‘Life is Strange.’ He likes to welcome people to join him on League; his username is Kiko.

However, when Pasillas isn’t working, baking, exploring, or attending school, he works at a place called Miniso which is located in Old Town Pasadena.

“We sell a bunch of things that you can use in your everyday life, like headphones, perfumes, makeup, etc.,” he said. “We also sell our products at an affordable price so anyone can enjoy what we have there!”

Like everyone who has dreams, Pasillas ultimate dream is to own a home near a river or lake, with his own KitchenAid stand mixer, living debt-free with a job he loves. With a laugh he added that he’d like to share a bed with a husky named Arf.

Pasillas goes on to envision his future adding, “I hope to be employed at Kaiser Permanente or having my own office where others can sit down and feel comfortable talking to me about anything. It’s a long road but I believe I’ll make it.”

Before saying goodbye to Pasillas he revealed one last personal thought.

“I just want to be happy no matter how hard life is. My aspirations in life are to be happy, healthy, lose weight, love myself, and make others happy.”

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