Kathryn Zamudio/Courier - The Lancer Marching Band letting loose and dancing during their performance of "Brick House" at the Homecoming Pep Rally at the quad on Thursday, Nov. 10.

Thursday morning started as always at Pasadena City College: the campus was filled with exhausted and half-asleep students walking to their classes or waiting for their next class, and some who were already heading home. All of a sudden the rhythmic and booming sound of drums filled the air and promptly caught everyone’s attention; the Lancer Marching Band had started their performance.

The Lancer Marching Band, directed by Kyle Luck, performed on Nov. 10 at noon in the PCC quad. They marched through the campus, accompanied by drums, trumpets, and other percussion instruments. Once they lined up in several ranks, Luck took a minute to introduce the band, after which they started playing well-known pieces from “The Godfather.”

“We do a field show, a thematic field show every year,” said Luck. “This year it was the music of ‘The Godfather,’ last year we did a James Bond show. We’ve done all different kinds of music there and than we also do a lot of a pop rock tunes.”

The band’s performance lasted for about 30 minutes and was comprised of songs like the United States of America’s National Anthem, that were well-known by the general public. Even though audience consisted of different kinds of students, faculty members, and passing by onlookers, the music resonated with everybody.

The audience appreciated the fact that the performance was well organized and well rehearsed. The musicians seemed to thoroughly enjoy performing each song and as a result, the crowd took great pleasure in listening to the concert.

Kathryn Zamudio/Courier - Soloist Bobby "Speak Softly, Love" from "The Godfather" in Italian and English during the Homecoming Pep Rally outside of the Catherine J. Robbins Building at PCC on Thursday, Nov. 10.
Kathryn Zamudio/Courier
Soloist Bobby Novoa singing “Speak Softly, Love” from “The Godfather” in Italian and English during the Homecoming Pep Rally outside of the Catherine J. Robbins Building at PCC on Thursday, Nov. 10.

“We always do our best, so we never have regrets. There is always something to fix,” Karolina Andrade said, one of the musicians. “My favorite song would be ‘Brick House.’ It’s very lively, we get to dance. Also to make everyone happy it just makes our day. To see them clap and cheer us, it’s really fun.”

One of the main reasons for this concert was to support the PCC football team before their last game of the season, which was on Nov. 12 against Santa Ana, and to invite students to attend the game.

“Not a lot of the students come to the football games, so it’s a little bite kind of putting out there for the campus community to hear, otherwise it wouldn’t normally hear the marching band, they probably don’t know we have a marching band here,” Luck said.

However, the Lancers lost the game at home. Although they were defeated by Santa Ana, the Lancers still won four games this season, which is remarkable since the last time they had this streak was in 2010.

“Pasadena was considered great because of its commitment to football,” said the head coach Tom Maher. The Lancers Marching Band performs every year in the quad before the last game of the season. They also perform at the Pasadena Tournament of Roses.

Despite the fact that the performance was not as long as people desired, it still absolutely entertained each audience member and everyone left with a spring in their step and a song in their heart.

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