“I eat the french toast. In the past I’ve eaten a regular burger and a salmon burger; also the Philly cheesesteak sandwich. Those are the usual dishes,” said radio major Daniel Vaquera-Galvan. “If I don’t feel like spending, I’ll settle with a pizza slice or a blueberry scone just to kill my appetite.”

The Piazza Cafeteria offers the largest variety of hot and cold meals as well as various snack offerings. It is located in the CC building next to the Wifi Lounge and is the largest and only indoor dining area on campus.

“When I go to the cafeteria, I’ll get the little Italian pasta meal that they have available at the time,” said film and television major Brandon Wade. “They have a pretty decent food selection.”

Lancer’s Pass at the Commons offers an outdoor dining area complete with cement tables and seats. It is behind the college pool and serves as a convenient stopping point for those on their way to class.

“I usually just get cheap snacks or the meal which is pretty good. It’s five or six dollars and you get a burger, fries, and a drink”, said student-athlete Natalie Ong. “They have it at two of the food places. It’s the cheapest meal combo.”

Expediency plays a large role in a students’ decision to grab something to eat or attend class on an empty stomach. A difference of a few minutes could be monumental to someone in a hurry.

“I’ll pick up some food either in the mornings when I’m headed to class or I will sometimes sit down in the main cafeteria, but a lot of times I just go to the snack area. Earlier today, I picked up some fruit. I got some oranges,” said Wade. “I eat a little bit healthier but most times, while there are donuts, I’ll pick a donut up.”

The Java Hut at Galloway Plaza is located near Shatford Library and offers a variety of prepared meal snacks as well as a plethora of drink options including Starbucks Coffee. “As far as drinks, I usually settle with a hot chocolate”, said Vaquera-Galvan, “Either early in the morning or late in the evening.”

Those who live in the immediate area may have the option to have lunch at home. “My mom cooks for me. Most days I’ll bring food from home but if not I’ll actually go home because my breaks are three and a half hours,” said sophomore Elysia Adi.

Students need not look too far for off-campus dining options, as there are several quick-service restaurants just steps away from PCC.

“I like going to Carl’s Jr. or El Pollo Loco. McDonald’s is a lot further but they have a lot of cheaper options. Price and quantity is important. I care about quantity. Hamburgers are pretty nutritious. They have meat and vegetables and carbohydrates,” said Ong. “Soda is not healthy but it has some sugar to keep you awake in class.”

College students can be concerned with price, as some are on fixed budgets. Healthy choices are often the most expensive to purchase outside of the supermarket, so there are those who prefer to bring their own food to school.

“I usually rotate from bringing my own lunch, typically from a dinner before or a peanut butter sandwich and hitting up Chick-Fil-A for their salads. Unfortunately I can’t find any decent salads at PCC,” said sophomore Angel Villon. “If I don’t pack a lunch and want to save money, I just drink a lot of water to hold me over or eat a banana.”

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