Not only are low-cost dental services available on campus for students, but the more adventurous can get a free cleaning if they are willing to head up on the spot and hop into the dentist’s chair.

Every day the students of the dental programs have clinic times where they offer students, faculty and the public a chance at low-cost dental care, officials said.

Appointments can be made over the phone or by visiting the clinic in R 511.
According to Health Sciences division Instructor Thomas P. Neiderer these appointments sometimes have last minute cancellations, and when that happens a braver sort is sought out to fill the empty time slots.

The dental students will head out onto campus and ask if other students are willing to fill the empty time slots. If they agree they are able to receive the service at no cost, said officials.
Jessica Lee, dental hygiene major said: “We need 24 to 48 hours for cancellations, [we usually do this] once a week.”
“People don’t understand how important this is for us. [It means] our grade,” said Lee, with all the work done by the students, empty appointments means no work for that day of class.

Those who are willing can help out the dental program, and in return get a free evaluation.
According to Neiderer, in that evaluation it is determined what the best treatment plan is and how many appointments it may take to clean your teeth.

The dental program offers a variety of services including teeth cleaning, x-rays, and sealants. “All the work is done by students and checked by faculty,” said Neiderer.

Stephanie Frolech, dental hygiene major said: “[When the appointments go unfilled] we work on fake teeth, do an evaluation, a sharpening maybe… but it’s not the same.”

Student and faculty rates range from $5 per tooth for sealant, $10 for a cleaning and $20 for a full mouth x-ray. The rates get slightly higher for the public with a cleaning going up to $20, but all other costs remain the same.

So if you’re broke and in need of some dental care, keep your eyes peeled when your are on campus for the students in dental scrubs who may be approaching. It could mean your lucky day.

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