After working a long day as a full-time store manager, Jose Robles takes his free time to practice his mixing skills. Robles loses himself in the music, finding the right songs to blend together, learning the right transitions and discovering himself as person.

Due to his aspiration to become a DJ, Robles believes Communications and Television-Radio could push him towards that direction. Acknowledging his passion, he decided to go Pasadena city college and continue his education.

“I came to a point whether or not I wanted to continue school or work a regular 9-5 job and hate my job and go through all that,” said Robles.

Robles emphasizes the importance of his parental support. When he sat them down to talk and painted out his plans, he feared their disapproval.

“As soon as the talk was over my parents asked me, ‘What can we do to help?’ and it all started by buying a simple laptop- something to work on,” said Robles. “They may not see it right now, how much of a big pay out it can be, because they think it’s an excuse to go to clubs and partying instead of seeing it as networking.”

When Robles decided to go back to school he demoted himself to a general employee and worked part-time at T-Pumps as well.

“I demoted myself because it was way too time consuming from school,” Robles said. “School was were my opportunities were at.”

When Robles is not working, he is taking the time to perfect his craft. He continues making the effort to create a platform and fan base by taking every opportunity presented to him.He plays at house parties, charity events, hosts his own show on PCC’s Lancer Radio. He also posts his mixes on SoundCloud and Mixcloud under “Jay Robles.”

One of the charity event was held in Roble’s friend Jose Lopez’s backyard to help raise money for children in Mexico. They have sent blankets, toys, and anything else they can provide. Everyone who helps organize pay out of pocket to put an entertaining night for friends and fans. A mutual friend who was battling cancer was what sparked the inspiration in helping those in need, raising almost over a thousand dollars their past two house shows.

“My friend was working at Dim Mak with Steve Aoki and what inspired him was giving back to the community,” Robles said. “We all put in our own money and charged ten dollars at the door and sold snacks. I ended up djing the whole night. We had a full house from 6 p.m. until 2 a.m.,” Robles said.

One of his biggest challenges has been finding his self-assurance and maintaining his confidence. There are days where he has it and others where he feels like his art isn’t good enough. Robles remakes his mixes more than twenty times because he feels it’s not good enough to listen to yet. He feels because he’s an all around type of guy it makes it easier for him to make connections and put his foot in the door.

Robles’s mixes can be heard every Friday morning at 11 a.m. on PCC Lancer’s Radio.

Instagram: jay.robless

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