The Performing and Communication Arts Students shined brightly in the Spring Orchestra and Choral Concert.

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The annual event took place on March 16, in the Sexson Auditorium and it was buzzing with excitement before the show.  Friends and family nervously gathered while 140 choir members and additional 55-orchestra students prepared to take the stage.

According to the choir Director Donald Brinegar the concert is part of the requirement for the class. “We have a midterm, one large concert [in the first half of the semester] and in the second half we have another large concert,” said Brinegar.

It was a split program with half of the performance devoted to the orchestra under the direction of Instructor Michael Powers and its rendition of the music of Paul Dukas and Jean Sibelius. The second half of the show was devoted to the choir, led by Brinegar performing the Ralph Vaughn Williams cantata Dona Nobis Pacem.

In front of a good size crowd the performances were a chance for the Performing and Communication Arts students to showcase some of the knowledge they are gaining while in school.

“The [size of the] crowd depends on the music; if it is a well known piece or the choir really likes it, it will draw a big crowd,” said Maggie Wong, music major.

The music was chosen for a reason. “[These are] important works, in the top 20,” Brinegar said.  “[Dona Nobis Pacem] was first performed in 1936 and it is my fifth time doing it here at PCC. I like it that much!”

The students studied the work in class so by the time the show arrived they were familiar and prepared to take the stage. Matthew Lopez, music therapy major, noted: “We have rehearsal three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. By now I can sing this in my sleep.”

Good thing for all the rehearsal because the concert went off without a hitch and the crowd, filled with mostly friends and family of the performers, was able to enjoy a great show and share a little bit in the college experience.

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