There were no horns, strings or—at one point during the show—any actual drums, but the PCC Percussion Ensemble managed to entertain and delight the audience last Friday by banging on unconventional instruments.

Directed by Tad Carpenter, the “Music from Around the World” concert took the audience on a musical tour around the world, playing a different style and genre of music from different countries using only percussion instruments.

Among some of the countries visited were Africa, Germany, Japan, Russia, Cuba and the United States.

“I liked the ‘Music from Around the World’ theme because of the contrast between the pieces,” said Carlos Castaneda, music.

The concert, performed in the Westerbeck Recital Hall in the new Center for the Arts building, was the Percussion Ensemble’s first in the hall.

“It was a great performance and I loved the acoustics of the new room,” Carpenter said.

One of the highlights of the performance was “Head Talk,” part of the Africa section of the tour. It consisted of Carpenter and four ensemble members sitting in a circle playing with only drum sticks and drum heads. It started off with just one member playing, sounding unorganized and out of time. But as other members joined in, it picked up and created a hypnotic, tribal groove.

“It was a community effort,” said Carpenter of the “Head Talk” performance. “Like an African tribe they need each other. If one member is absent its not right.”

The Cuban stop on the tour brought another highlight to the show, which was “Johnny’s Mambo.” With all members up on stage, “Johnny’s Mambo” was a wild Latin jazz rollercoaster which really had the audience moving.

“Johnny’s Mambo woke me,” said Pedro Contreras, music. “It was a great show.”

The final stop on the tour was the United States with the familiar “Theme from New York, New York” closing the show.

With great lighting, acoustics and an amazing musicianship, the concert was a treat for many in attendance, who seemed more than satisfied with the ensembles performance.

“I really liked the show,” said Roger Zuniga, undeclared.

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